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Albums Of The Week: Motorpsycho | Ancient Astronauts

The restlessly prolific Norwegians plunge headlong down a prog rabbit hole on their 26th album, turning in shapeshifting epics — including a 22-minute instrumental.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Considering the tight run of albums since the first part of the Gullvåg Trilogy in 2017 — three double and a single album in less than four years — the 16-month wait for Ancient Astronauts must feel like an eternity for Motorpsycho fans.

Much of the music on the band’s 26th release continues in the manner of the band’s popular long-form N.O.X. suite from The All Is One (2019) album — most notably the new tracks Mona Lisa/Azrael and Chariot of The Sun, with the latter clocking in at 22 minutes and making history as the band´s longest instrumental track to date.

Most of Ancient Astronauts was recorded in Amper Tone studio in Oslo during five days in August with old compadre Deathprod at the helm. All four tracks are basically the band playing live in the studio, with the odd keyboards, some guitar and the vocals added afterwards. Some of it is in turns pretty frantic and angular or grandiose and hypnotic, and is mined from the same sources as the band’s more explorative music from recent years — meaning there aren’t many choruses to hang on to here, but plenty of mouthwatering music for the progheads. The album was mixed by Andrew Scheps.”