Collin Clowes Shares A Polaroid From The Past

The multi-talented singer-songwriter waxes nostalgic on a cut from his Sleepy EP.

Collin Clowes captures the moments that matter in his nostalgic number Polaroid — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Tender and touching, Polaroid is the latest single from Clowes’ debut EP Sleepy, a seven-song 2021 collection of heartwarming songs that feature delicate instrumental compositions over meaningful lyrics. Offering a sound both familiar and fresh, Sleepy spotlights the singular vision of Clowes, who not only played all the instruments but also produced, mixed and mastered the tracks himself.

This dedication to the music-making process puts Clowes in a league of his own. The EP’s production value and rhythmic polish are on par with high-value teams of musicians and producers, not the debut of a single artist, and Clowes’ ear for pop melodies and multi-layered vocals reveals a sonic palette beyond its years. Every decision made on the EP exhibits exceptional depth and authenticity that’s welcoming and relatable.

A multi-talented artist out of Gorham/Thunder Bay, Clowes exudes a genuine eye for artistic compassion that effortlessly translates across all aspects of his musical debut. After health battles starting at age 17, Clowes made the determination that he would dedicate his time to making the music he wanted. When the pandemic hit, he began working on Sleepy. In his bedroom studio, he acquired the skills necessary to realize his unique vision of pop music through countless hours of musical trial and error. This EP is dedicated to Clowes’ faithful companion and best friend — his dog June.

Check out Polaroid above, listen to Sleepy below, and follow Collin Clowes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.