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Stolen From The Sky Freely Admit Mistakes Were Made

The Birmingham multi-talent gets far more right than wrong on his eclectic debut.

Stolen From The Sky cover plenty of ground on their eclectic and eccentric debut album Mistakes Were Made — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Displaying a dynamic and diverse collection of genres and influences, the U.K. multi-talent’s seven-track release takes you on a sonic journey through sounds and styles, with cuts that could hold their own on a mixtape with Pink Floyd, Radiohead and King Crimson. Mistakes Were Made opens with a solo piano piece that blends seamlessly into a lo-fi hip hop-inspired pop number, followed by a descent into alternative rock and post-rock before finally finishing with a fingerstyle acoustic-guitar piece.

If all that isn’t impressive enough, consider this: Stolen From The Sky is just one man, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of styles and genres and writing whatever kind of music they feel like at any given time. Working out of a home studio near Birmingham, U.K., their wide range of inspiration and improvisational attitude helps them create music you won’t find anywhere else.

And they don’t waste time doing it — yours or theirs. Many of the songs on this 25-minute release went from concept to finished, mastered track within a week or two. All of the music, lyrics and most of the artwork for the first release have been created, written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by the enigma behind Stolen From The Sky. Yes, sometimes in that process mistakes were made. But rarely do mistakes ever sound so good.

First single Exploding Bubbles ventures into lo-fi hip-hop to deliver a summery pop vibe about relaxing and letting your mind and thoughts float down the river. Pulling a hard 180, Neon Spires (In The Church Of Excess) is a proggy rocker that envisions a future where the Earth has been ravaged by climate change and the only people that have been able to insulate themselves from its devastating effects are the super-wealthy. Hiding in their neon-clad skyscrapers, their only religion seems to be the accumulation of more wealth and power at the expense of everything else. And To Err Is Um… not only expands upon the theme of the title, but also served as an inspiration for Stolen From The Sky to put aside perfectionism, which they admit “can be a massive stumbling block to actually completing something that is otherwise good enough.”

Find out for yourself: Listen to Mistakes Were Made above and below, stream it on your preferred service HERE, and follow Stolen From The Sky on Instagram and Facebook.


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