Sam Casey Wants Some New Company

The Toronto popster stops throwing good love after bad in her soulful new single.

Sam Casey cruises to the end of a one-sided fling in her soulfully seductive single and video New Company — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Slow, smooth, sassy and fresh from her forthcoming New Company EP, the cut also pulls no punches in its realistic description of the heartbreak of realizing you’ve just been wasting your time — even though you’re tempted to drunk-dial them one more time.

No surprise: It’s based on her actual life. “New Company was written in my university dorm room,” she says. “I was involved with someone at the time, and we mainly saw each other after 1:00 in the morning. I was hoping for something more and, after a few months, I realized that he was never going to give me what I needed in a relationship.”

One of her diary entries became the inspiration for the lyrics, and an interesting beat she had found on the Internet served as the catalyst. “I voice-recorded myself singing the page from my diary over the beat and showed my best girlfriends that night,” Casey recalls. “That diary entry became the chorus of New Company and prompted me to pull from my journals for almost every song I’ve written since then.”

New Company comes accompanied by her first video — an experience that felt surreal to create, the Toronto artist reveals. “This being my first music video for an original song, I was extremely excited to place a visual to my lyrics for new and old listeners,” she shares. “In the video, we feature the more melodramatic aspects of my character as she leaves a fight with her ‘wheel’ and drives home through the city only to see an angel-like figure — untamed and floating through the street — near the end of her trip.”

In all, going through the process of turning her feelings into both a song and video allowed her to move on from the crappy situationship — as well as the low self-esteem the one-sided fling had engendered. “Since I wrote New Company, I’ve been in three somewhat healthy relationships,” she reveals. “I can confidently say that, as soon as I started really loving myself and looking in the mirror like, ‘Oh girl, you are so funky and fresh today’ or ‘Damn, Sam, your personality is super unique and that’s a GOOD thing,’ I was truly able to demand what I deserved and not be afraid to lose someone if they couldn’t give that to me.”

Watch the video for New Company above, sample more from Sam Casey below, and keep her company on her website, Instagram and Twitter.