Taming Sari Find No Shelter At The Roller Rink

The Ottawa rockers deliver a hard-hitting plea for compassion in our troubled times.

Taming Sari need someone to give them refuge from the storm in their barburning new single No Shelter and its hilarious video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A hard-hitting anthem that pleads for compassion and connection in uncertain times, No Shelter is a reminder to cherish the people in your life while you can. “Things will never be the same, but we still need that crucial support to get through life and be happy,” the Ottawa rockers explain, adding the song is “about forming strong relationships that make us feel connected.”

On top of that, No Shelter is also a blistering track that showcases the band’s musicianship, vocal prowess and love of classic rock riffage. The culmination of a pandemic’s worth of pent-up creativity and energy, “No Shelter is three minutes of pure mental and physical release that we all so desperately need in these times.”

No Shelter was recorded earlier this year in the dead of winter as light at the end of Covid tunnel finally began shining. Drummer Adam Ouellette and bassist Alex Pellerin-Auprix provide the tight backbone of the track, while guitarist Miguel Kingsberry-Brunette rides the rhythm and new lead guitarist Joe Fraser does his stuff — all in service of Warren Meredith’s raspy, full-throttle vocal attack.

Hailing from across Canada, Taming Sari are a collection of eclectic artists hell-bent on refining their distinct blend of classic rock and blues. The bilingual band have been on fire since the release of their debut album Thirsty From The Drought in 2019. They have performed during intermission of an Ottawa Senators game, hit the Canadian Active Rock charts, and amassed 200,000 streams from 70,000 listeners with their last single.

Watch No Shelter above, sample more music from Taming Sari below, then lace up your skates and roll over to their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


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