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Spike Polite & Sewage Remain Punk Not Dead

Michelle Shocked (no, really) & Spike Polite offer an EP of power, passion & politics.

Spike Polite & Sewage deliver short, sharp shots of vintage moshpit mayhem on their new EP Punk Not Dead — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The New York guttersnipe supergroup — singer-guitarist Spike Polite (Reagan Youth, Cheetah Chrome), bassist Michelle Shocked (yes, that Michelle Shocked), guitarist Antony Romero and the iconic Beast on drums — deliver all the passion, power and politics of punk on this aptly titled three-song EP. Unapologetic and pulling no punches, their first release since the head-crashing Pandemonium EP is far from a nostalgic whine about the glory days of punk. Rather, Spike Polite & Sewage intend to use Punk Not Dead to shake things up and wake people up again.

Reflecting the values of the 1998 Tompkins Square Park Riots against gentrification, police brutality and the insane rent hikes seen in that era in New York, Sewage have taken up that mantle once again as the past repeats itself all over the Western world. Now more than ever, the world needs punk, according to this and other artists fed up with the commoditization of humanity: We need the loud, the brash, the wakeup call before it’s too late.

Spike Polite & Sewage represent the freedom to play what you want. Their is a story of survival and continuity for society’s discontents calling for justice, to stop regression to hatred and ignorance, uniting people to make necessary changes — sooner than later — so no more blinded eyes.

There’s nothing more to be said, really. Punk Not Dead carries the same manic, twisted and darkly ironic energy with politics to match that fans have come to love from Pandemonium and the acclaimed jam album The Italian Sessions to bark their message to the masses, once again best expressed by the band themselves: “Produced by Ted Sabety for Solid Bass Records, Punk Not Dead is a salvo of insurgent punk rage and in-your-face social satire in reaction to the witless decline of western civilization.”

Check out Punk Not Dead below and look sharp on Spike Polite & Sewage’s website, Facebook and Instagram.


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