Albums Of The Week: Michael Monroe | I Live Too Fast To Die Young

The former Hanoi Rocks frontman pins the needle in the red once again on his latest swaggering set of old-school gutter-punk and guitar-rock from the sleazy old days.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: ”I live too fast to die young / It ain’t nothing when your head’s screwed on,” roars Michael Monroe on his 10th solo release. In an era where pandemics and war are seamless bookends to a continually crazy society, the former Hanoi Rocks frontman and his bandmates decided to get together in November and December 2021 to follow up 2019’s critically acclaimed One Man Gang with 11 street-walkin’, jive talkin’, struttin’ ’n’ swaggerin’ proclamations that double down and deliver on that title.

At a time when fun has been hard to feel, I Live Too Fast To Die Young is lean, mean, raw power rock ‘n’ roll music, with cracking cuts such as Young Drunks & Old Alcoholics, All Fighter and the punky fun of Murder The Summer Of Love showing crisp electricity and melodies which wrap their shimmering selves around some razor-sharp riffs. There are also expansive, Stones-tinged saunters such as Can’t Stop Falling Apart and Everybody’s Nobody, while the title track takes aim between your eyes off a driving backbeat with a defiant chorus dripping with Monroe’s irrepressible attitude.

“This album has a great combination and balance of songs, and the collection tells a great overall story,” says Monroe. “It has a lot of color and energy, and, of course, it is rock ’n’ roll, but punk is also always going to be a part of who we are; that will never die.”

Recorded at Inkfish Studios in Helsinki, Finland between November and December 2021 and produced by the band with engineer Erno Laitinen, the album features Monroe on lead vocals and harmonica, joined by Steve Conte (guitars and vocals), Rich Jones (guitar, vocals), Karl Rockfist (drums) and Sami Yaffa (bass, vocals, guitar) as well as several guests, including Guns N’ Roses guitar hero Slash, who solos and riffs on the title track.

With I Live Too Fast To Die Young, it is clear Michael Monroe is striding into the summer with a triumphant roar to offer you the real rock ’n’ roll escape of 2022.”


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