John Tomaino Is Caught In A Freeze Frame

The Australian singer-songwriter offers a preview of his debut LP People Will Talk.

John Tomaino captures a moment in time with his new synth-rock single and video Freeze Frame — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Freeze Frame tells the story of a man alone in a projection room who discovers, through the flickering film, a love he once lost,” the Australian singer-songwriter explains in a press release. “It’s an original poem set to music and set in a distorted ambiance. It first started as a short story before it was distilled into an accessible song with heartbreak overtones. The song sounds like it’s laden with angry guitars, yet there are no guitars in the production.”

An example of Tomaino self-described brand of Grunge Poetry — where the music is written to the cadence and meaning of each word, rather than the conventional music-first approach — Freeze Frame also serves as a prime preview for his new album People Will Talk, due out this summer.

Tomaino’s debut album will introduce not only his genre-bending productions that span EDM, electronic, pop, rock, indie, folk, hip hop, adult contemporary, and more, but also his multiple talents as the release’s writer, arranger, and producer. Despite the astonishing diversity of tunes, however, this is not a compilation album — but rather a cohesive body of work with a strong identity.

Nowhere is this more on display than in Freeze Frame which joins the LP’s 12 original tracks in embodying Tomaino’s main motto — to “serve the song” — as he blissfully ignores genres and lets the track, like all his others, dictate what it wants to be. Creating unique and engaging sonic landscapes that stand the test of time, it’s music “with an extended warranty,” as he puts it.

Watch Freeze Frame above, sample more of John Tomaino‘s music below, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.