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Next Week in Music | May 23-29 • The Long List: 340+ Releases On The Way

All the new albums heading for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.

“I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday / Cause you’re evil and you lie / And if you should die / I may feel slightly sad (But I won’t cry).” If those lyrics don’t ring any bells, then you’re probably not celebrating the 63rd birthday of the man who wrote them — Steven Patrick Morrissey, the former Smiths singer, current solo artist and eternal curmudgeon who turns 63 today (May 22). So, while the rest of us spin our favourite Morrissey tracks, you can peruse this list of 340-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week.



ABBA | Studio Albuma Box Set
Acidgvrl | Satan$
Luca Adonis | Arrows Of Anteros
Afrorack | The Afrorack
Agallah | The Year Of The Tiger
Agender | No Nostalgia
Analepsy | Quiescence
Anarchist Mountains | Fire Waves
Anatolian Weapons | Selected Acid Tracks
Atmosphere | Lucy Ford Reissue
Federico Aubele | Holographic Moon
Ramson Badbonez | Fusion
Baest | Justitia
Bayamo. | Slow is Fast
Bay Ledges | Ritual
Maria BC | Hyaline
Belushi Speed Ball | What, Us Worry
Paul Bender | How to Forget
Will Bernard | Pond Life
Besvärjelsen | Atlas
Big Hands & Abraham Parker | Aria Aperta
Big Moochie Grape | East Haiti Baby
Sofie Birch | Holotropica
Wallis Bird | Hands (Nine And A Half Songs For Nine And A Half Fingers)
Biitchseat | Float
Black Lung | Dark Waves
Guy Blue | Arms Wide EP
Blue Heron | Ephemeral
Blues Image | Ride Captain Ride: An Anthology Of Classics
Jean Pascal Boffo | In Spiral
Bolverk | Uaar
Bottled Up | Grand Bizarre
Matthew Bourne | Irrealis
Bread Pilot | New To You
Bright Eyes | A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997 Reissue
Bright Eyes | Fevers and Mirrors Reissue
Bright Eyes | Letting Off The Happiness Reissue
B.T. Express | Do It ‘Til You’re Satisfied
Buller | Oljud 3
Bvndit | Re-Original
Cabin Boy Jumped Ship | Sentiments
Cadaveria | Emptiness
Wednesday Campanella | Neon
Wendy Carlos | Tron Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Jean Carne, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad | Jazz Is Dead 12
Rosie Carney | I Wanna Feel Happy
Mel Carter | When A Boy Falls In Love
Casino Times | A Change In Motion
The Caughtery | Fragile
Cheat Codes | Hellraisers, Pt. 3
Cheeky | The Star
The Chineke! Orchestra | Bob Marley & The Chineke! Orchestra
Chisako & Junta 千紗子と純太 | (Kon’nan) Difficulty こんなん
Church of Disgust | Weakest Is The Flesh
Class:y | Lives Across
Coastcity | Wild Americanos
Coheed and Cambria | Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind
Companion | Second Day of Spring
Con&Kwake | Eyes in the Tower
Coral Club | Lost Cities
Corner House | How Beautiful It’s Been
The Courettes | Back In Mono
The Cranberries | Stars: The Best Of 1992-2002
Crank | Ghosts In The Woods
Crazy Minecraft Animals | Knockoff Minecraft
Crematory | Inglorious Darkness
Richie Culver | Post Traumatic Fantasy
Curlew | CBGBs, NYC, 1987
Curlew | Phantasmagoria 1998 + WFMU 1997
Daft Punk | Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Josh Dally | Speak Your Mind
Dez Dare | They Scream, My Head is so Full I Can’t Dream EP
Deca | Smoking Gun
Decapitated | Cancer Culture
Def Leppard | Diamond Star Halos
Dehd | Blue Skies
Deliluh | Fault Lines
Dende & Band | Agô
Dengue Dengue Dengue & Prisma | Pliegues
Al Dente | Corner Taken Quickly
Ditches | Drunk Dial 9 EP
Django Django | Django Django 10th Anniversary Edition
Dodesz | Ismeretlen Álmok
Dopapod | Dopapod
Double Cheese | Thee Black Album
Isaac Dunbar | Banish The Banshee
DVL | Hush
EABS | 2061
Steve Earle & The Dukes | Jerry Jeff
East Man | Underground Software
James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band | Highlights of the Low Nights
Electric Mountain | Valley Giant
Elis Noa | Was Just About to Leave
El Rocko | Daydreaming EP
Roméo Elvis | Tout Peut Arriver
Enhypen | Dimension : Senkou
Erin Anne | Do Your Worst
Esthesis Quartet | Esthesis Quartet
Eumig | Helium Structures
Falling Doves | Skylark 69
Fax Gang | Dataprism
Fear-E | Clydeside Tales
Sky Ferreira | Don’t Forget
Catrin Finch | Echo
Fireproven | Epilogue
First Hate | Cotton Candy
Fleur de Feu | A Fire Ceremony
Floating World Pictures | The Twenty​-​three Views
Flower Face | The Shark In Your Water
The Flower Kings | Back In The World Of Adventures Reissue
The Flower Kings | Retropolis Reissue
Former Hero | Meadowdeath
45 Grave | Party Time Single
Fräulein | A Small Taste
Albert Freeman | Selected Folk Works 20-22 by Goblins
The Frightnrs | Always
Robert Fripp | Exposures
FYI Chris | Unreal Nausea
Galaktic Rogue VS. Spectacular Diagnostics | The Conqueror / Pelēks
Liam Gallagher | C’mon You Know
Liam Gallagher | Down By The River Thames
Kany García | El Amor Que Merecemos
General Magic | Softbop
Ghostkeeper | Multidimensional Culture
Glass Remnant | Monochromium​/​Monotonium
Lewis Goldmark | Cut And Flash
Good Morning | Barnyard Vinyl Reissue
Good Morning | Basketball Breakups Vinyl Reissue
Good Morning | The Option Vinyl Reissue
Good Morning | Prize // Reward Vinyl Reissue
Good Morning | Shawcross Vinyl Reissue
Gov’t Mule | Dark Side Of The Mule Vinyl Reissue
Gov’t Mule | Stone Side Of The Mule Vinyl Reissue
Gramma Vedetta | The Hum of The Machine
Ghostkeeper | Multidimensional
Grafix | Half Life
Jonny Greenwood | The Power of the Dog Soundtrack Vinyl
Greybush | This Is Punishment
Haai | Baby, We’re Ascending
DJ Haram and Moor Mother | Nothing to Delaware
Jack Harlow | Come Home the Kids Miss You Vinyl
Head First | Head First
Head High | Home. House. Hardcore. 2
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band | Dear Scott
Hey Thanks! | Start/Living
Hifiklub X Scorpion Dagger | ScorpKlub I & II Original Soundtracks
Aki Himanen & Aleksi Kinnunen | A Thing With Feathers
Hollow Front | The Price of Dreaming
Holocausto Canibal | Crueza Ferina
Bruce Hornsby | ’Flicted
Hovvdy | Billboard For My Feelings EP
Rich Hyde | Stima EP
Iatt | Magnum Opus
In Her Own Words | Distance Or Decay
Ulf Ivarsson and Bill Laswell | Nammu
Brian Jackson | This is Brian Jackson
Steve & Ginie Jackson | Colder Than The Sea
Jada | Elements
Jer | Bothered / Unbothered
Jeshi | Universal Credit
John Jody | Crooked Star EP
John Johanna & Sefo Kanuteh | Ahimsa EP
Jo1 | Kizuna
Jukebox The Ghost | Cheers
Just Mustard | Heart Under
Laura Karpman and Raphael Saadiq | Lovecraft Country Soundtrack
KayCyy | Get Used To It
Los Kenya | Siempre Afro​-​Latino
Dave Kerman / 5uu’s | The Quiet In Your Bones
King Ropes | Super Natural
Sheenah Ko | Future Is NowByron Kashmen | Life On Fire
Kreator | Endorama Ultimate Edition
The KVB | Unity Remixes EP
Travis Laplante | Wild Tapestry
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch | Ravage
Lightsum | Into The Light
Lord Belial | Rapture
Lost Cat | Lost Cat
Al Lover | Cosmic Joke
Low Gear | Siktunes Redux
Lullahush | A City Made Of Water & Small Love
Dirk Maassen | Time
Nick Macri & Mono No Aware | Amache
José Madero | Giallo
Nduduzo Makhathini | In The Spirit Of Ntu
Man With a Mission | Break and Cross the Walls II
Marbl | The Sunsets and Dawns of Everything EP
Bob Marley & The Chineke! Orchestra | Bob Marley & The Chineke! Orchestra
Mirraa May | Tales of a Miracle
Simon McBride | The Fighter
Tate McRae | I Used To Think I Could Fly
Maggie Merlin | Gone Girl EP
Hatsune Miku | Digital Stars 2022
The Milkshakes | Milk Box
Mimo | Mars Took Over
Mr. Fix Your Mind To Die | Car Angels
MisterWives | Easy
Sarah MK | Wax & Gold
Mono | My Story, The Buraku Story Soundtrack
Moonfish | Old Shooting Stars
Moundabout | Flowers Rot, Bring me Stones
Mournful Congregation | The Exuviae of Gods – Part I
Muunie | Ele.mental
Mxrxgxas X Cuns | Villains
Nekkromaniac | Plague Eater Vinyl Release
Marilou Nézeys | Earth
Nikitch & Kuna Maze | Back & Forth
Sha’Leah Nikole | Work of heART EP
Nikshoww | Don’t Step…
Nimbus Sextet | Forward Thinker
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto | Vrioon Reissue
Novatore | Master of Morbid Creations
Nun Slaughter / Blood | Split EP
Yung Nyancat | Rat Castle, Formerly Known as Ratless Castle
OCH | Pö Om Pö
Odd Crew | Dark Matters (Pt 1)
Omega Sapien | Wuga
One Armed Joey | Happiness, To Me
Orgone | Lost Knights
Orochen | Anthroposcenic
Orphax | Spectrum
Kenia OS | Llévatelo
Overtoun | This Darkness Feels Alive
Overwerk | Feedback
Jahmal Padmore | Esparonto
Paradise Lose | Tragic Idol
Adam Brian Paul | For The Good
Sean Paul | Scorcha
Pet Deaths | Unhappy Ending
Peth | Merchant Of Death
P.H.F. | Purest Hell
Pig&Dan | Rock You All Night
Pinkcourtesyphone | All Intensive Purporses
Pogo Pops | Daylight
Public Opinion | Modern Convenience EP
Hilary Purrington and JIJI | Harp of Nerves
Queen Kong | Fray
Ragenap | Thriving Culture
Ray | Green
Collin Raye | Greatest Hits Live
Amanda Rheaume | The Spaces In Between
Riki | Gold Reissue
Rip Room | Alight And Resound
DJ Ronnie Ron | Dissident Vibes
Rondo | Shin Rai
Storm Ross | The Meridian
Ákos Rózmann | Mass / Mässa
Safeword | Currents
Sarayasign | Throne of Gold
Say It Anyway | Picture Frames EP
Scary Kids Scaring Kids | Out of Light
Scenius | Live In Angers EP
Michael Schenker Group | Universal
Conrad Schnitzler | Consequenz II
Conrad Schnitzler | Con 84
Session Victim | Basic Instinct
700 Bliss | Nothing To Declare
Seventeen | Face the Sun
Sex Pistols | The Original Recordings
Shaggy | Com Fly Wid Mi
Shed The Skin | Thaumogenesis
Shanna In A Dress | Robot
Simulakra | The Infection Spreads
Sinaïve | super 45 t.
Sam Singer | From the Hills, Beaten Roads, Down to the Trees EP
Sissi | Leggera
Sisyphean | Colours Of Faith
Skullcrack | Addicted To The Underground
Slang | Cockroach In A Ghost Town
The Slime | Living on Borrowed Slime
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri | I Could Be Your Dog / I Could Be Your Moon
Smoke Or Fire | Beauty Fades
Soft Ffog | Soft Ffog
Sons Of The Descent | Roomful Of Heroes
Sounds Of New Soma | Musique Bizzare
Sound Virus | Waveforms #1
Sparks | Exotic Creatures Of The Deep: 21st Century Collection Edition
Sparks | Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman: 21st Century Collection Edition
The Specials | Greatest Hits
Spray | Diamond Lights x Get Normal EP
Stacks | Love and Language
Stars | From Capelton Hill
Steeleye Span | Good Times of Old England: Steeleye Span 1972-1983
Al Stewart | The Admiralty Lights: Complete Studio, Live and Rare 1964-2009
String | Last Index Of…
String And Tins | Stills 02
Sun Ra | Ra To The Rescue
Sweet Pill | Where the Heart Is
Yukihiro Takahashi | Poisson D’Avril Reissue
Yukihiro Takahashi | Wild Reissue
Taking Back Sunday | Tell All Your Friends 20th Anniversary Edition
Tanson | Coral Grief
Taya | Taya
Alfie Templeman | Mellow Moon
Temporary Thoughts | Photographic Memorial
Soichi Terada & Masalo | Double Spire / Diving Into Minds Club Mixes EP
Theravada | My Own 2 Hands
Aleyna Tilki | Aşk Ateşi
Tosca | Osam
Total Slacker ExtraLife
Die Toten Hosen | Alles aus Liebe: 40 Jahre Die Toten Hosen
Touts | Shane MacGowan’s New Teeth EP
Mark Tremonti | Mark Tremonti Sings Frank Sinatra
Triptych | The Sun Sawed In 1/2
Trollfest | Flamingo Overlord
Umi | Forest in the City
Various Artists | David Hepworth: Deep 70s: Underrated Cuts From A Misunderstood Decade
Various Artists | Heroes & Villains: The Sound of Los Angeles 1965-1968
Various Artists | Peaky Blinders Soundtrack Blood-Red Vinyl
Various Artists | Sacred Bones Records: Todo Muere SBXV
Various Artists | Satan in Love: Rare Finnish Synth-Pop & Disco 1979–1992
Various Artists | Stranger Things: Soundtrack from the Netflix Series, Season 4, Vol. 1
Various Artists | Todo Muere SBXV
Various Artists | Top Gun: Maverick Soundtrack
Various Artists | Tron: Legacy Reconfigured Vinyl Reissue
Venus Principle | Stand in Your Light
Walker & Royce | No Drama (ft. Sophiegrophy)
Walker Brigade | If Only
Wallis Bird | Hands
Weakerthans | Left And Leaving Vinyl Reissue
Weakerthans | Reconstruction Site Vinyl Reissue
Melissa Weikart | Here, There
Dave Weld & The Imperial Flames | Nightwalk
We Three | Happy
Ralph E. White | It’s More In My Body Than In My Mind
Amanda Whiting | Lost in Abstraction
Wilco | Cruel Country
Wild Wild Wets | Love Always
Wild Party | Hall & Oates
Witchfinder | Endless Garden
With The Punches | Discontent EP
Afton Wolfe | Late Night Radio
George Woodhouse and the Public Service | Songs For The Living
Ben Woods | Dispeller
The World Without Parking Lots | You’ll Have To Take My Word For It
XOA | Program Change
Megumi Yonezawa | Resonance
You Me At Six | Sinners Never Sleep 10th Anniversary Edition
Will Young | 20 Years: The Greatest Hits – 20/33
Your Old Droog | YOD Stewart

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