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Modlee Shares Her Psychedelic Soul Urge With You

The Quebec artist and her longtime collaborator Vlooper take you on a sonic trip.

Modlee takes you on a soothing psychedelic trip with her adventurous new groovefest Soul Urge — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The long-overdue followup to the Quebec hip-hop soul artist’s 2017 Queendom Mix Tape, Soul Urge is the fruit of a visionary, one-of-a-kind co-production with DJ and long-time collaborator Vlooper. A hymn to beauty, growth, and surrendering to your inner desires — the desires of the heart and soul — the LP shares stories tinged with inner healing and bearing a message to the other.

The album pulses on the foundations of its hip-hop and electro influences before soaring into a new realm of soul fusion styles; Soul Urge immerses you in a parallel universe of R&B and lulls you with Modlee’s velvety vocalizations and imagination.

Photo by Étienne Dionne.


With roots in Quebec and Jamaica, as well as frequent travel to the U.S., Modlee has been greatly influenced by jazz, soul, R&B, gospel, and reggae. Dynamic in range, her signature style is suffused with personal tones and tends to touch on topics such as spirituality, community, feminine strength, and other values that are at the core of who she is.

Having worked in the music industry since 2009, her wealth of experience has positioned the acclaimed singer as a source of positive inspiration that embodies what it means to be a positive role model, have a seat at the table, and express yourself in a distinctive, authentic voice.

Her release roster includes her breakthrough 2010 debut EP Analog Love, the Queendom Mix Tape, the Sunwalk project and a multitude of collaborations — including works with rapper Eman (Back to Me), Alaclair Ensemble (436), rapper KNLO (Fantaisie) and more.

Check out Soul Urge above and below, and visit Modlee at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Photo by Étienne Dionne.