The Grindhouse | Coilguns, Ghost Next Door, Holycide & More New Loudness

Listening to surf music in the dead of winter always feels weird  to me. Similarly, blasting metal outside in the summer always seems a little off. Maybe it’s because I can’t help but picture a bunch of longhaired dudes in black leather roasting in the hot sun. Thankfully, my idiosyncrasy doesn’t deter the legions of doom / thrash / hardcore and more from dropping new songs and videos on a daily basis. Here’s the latest blast. Put some sunblock over your corpsepaint, dig out your spiked shorts and platform sandals, and headbang around the gazebo:


Coilguns | We Missed The Parade

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “When we recorded that song we thought it would be more of a B-side. With its somehow classic punk-hardcore feeling, it felt like it might belong to an old Coilguns era. Through the process of mixing, the track grew on everyone and felt more and more like an anthem, specifically one of our very own life. Substantially the track talks about the fact that we’re getting older, still doing the same thing, not being sure why we still do it but nonetheless we’ll keep on doing it, and we’ll keep doing it our own way, on our own.”

The Ghost Next Door | Diatribe

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Californian heavy progressive metal stalwarts The Ghost Next Door are ready to return with their third studio album and the followup to 2019’s A Feast For The Sixth Sense. The trio fronted by guitarist and vocalist Gary Wendt comes together as a strong force within the Bay Area’s underground metal scene. The lineup — rounded out by Aaron Asghari on second guitar and Noah Whitfield on bass — deliver a dark, heady and progressive sound laced with alt-metal and doom on Classic Songs Of Death And Dismemberment. Of Diatribe, Wendt says: “This song is actually one, if not THE favorite song of mine on the album. Not just in composition, but on how the mix came together as a whole. The song is, again, about our suicidal race — a theme common in my lyrics. We actively destroy that what keeps us alive. I mean, we’re all guilty of it on some level, we waste food and energy. We litter the streets with indestructible plastic. Then we buy more junk to try and make us feel better. Our resources are finite. Once they’re gone and all the bees are dead, we’re fucked! It’ll look like that place in Fury Road where the people are walking around on stilts! The main criminals, however are the big industries, and they aren’t going to change. Unless, of course we stop giving them our money…”

Holycide | Lie Is The New Truth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Spanish Thrashers Holycide have launched a killer animated video as a third advance single from their third album Towards Idiocracy, due June 6, the international day of Slayer. Vocalist Dave Rotten comments: “The lyrics of this song talk about the current era of fake news. When we don’t like some truth, we cover it with fake news, creating another fake news with this, and sometimes, we know positively that something is fake news, but even so, we settle for giving it credibility, simply because it agrees with our ideology, in what it seems that anything goes. We have become accustomed to living with lies and hoaxes, which are the new truth.”

Shumaun | Some Memories

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Shumaun, the progressive rock sensation known for their dynamic sound and introspective lyrics, expand their discography this year with their fourth album Opposing Mirrors. Earlier in May they shared the single Some Memories. Now they’re sharing the drum playthrough for the track by guest drummer Marco Minnemann. “Some Memories possesses a remarkably potent and dynamic sound,” says guitarist Tyler Kim. “The guitars seamlessly transition between low and high tones, heavy and light textures, slow and fast tempos, and chords and notes, adding depth to the composition. There is incredible drumming throughout the song by Marco Minnemann. The bass serves as an embellishment, enhancing the overall musical landscape. The vocals and synths are intricately layered atop the instrumentation to give the song its various shapes and colors.”

Golgotha | Human Vultures

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On June 14, Spanish doom titans Golgotha will release their latest album, the majestic Spreading The Wings Of Hope. As a preview, they present Human Vultures, a heavy yet melodic track that typifies so many of the qualities that make the LP such a special release. Vocalist María J. Lladó commented: “It’s a song that reminds you that you must be on constant alert. That there are good people but there are very bad people who are able to benefit from someone who suffers from a setback in life, whatever it may be. And they do it by making you believe that they are your friends, but they are NOT. Since with their snake tongues they deceive you and take advantage of you. The video reflects that darkness that actually surrounds those false people.We did it in a circle simulating that spiral of falsehood in which they live, and we wanted to give it a loaded environment to recreate all that evil.”

Jupiter Cyclops | UFOnaut

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Formed by Aaron Peltz (Downthesun, On A Pale Horse), joined by guitarist Dustin Lyon (Opiate for the Masses), bassist Jake Melius (Big Wheel Stunt Show) and drummer Kyle Eades (Old Fashion Assassin), Jupiter Cyclops are ready to set the rock world on fire! Their debut album Age Of The UFOnaut is an electrifying blend of energy, rockin’ riffs, catchy powerful vocal melodies, and contagious grooves. Influenced by classic rock and NWOBHM, this album is for fans of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and the like. If you’re into UFOs, interstellar demons, and exploring the hidden parts of your mind, this is the album for you!”

Traumatomy | Consumed Into Nothing

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brutal death metal enthusiasts rejoice! b, the international band renowned for their slamming brutality, are set to release their latest single Consumed Into Nothing, off their upcoming EP Triumph of Enslavement. Of the single, they say: “We composed this track as the very first one for this album. It turned out to be quite fast and technical. We thought about the lyrics for a long time and decided that it should be abstract and brutal.” Traumatomy were formed in 2012 by Constantine Chevardin (Disfigurement Of Flesh) and Haruka Kamiyama (ex-Gorevent / Medic Vomiting Pus) as an online project with no plans for live performances. Their debut album Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts in 2013 garnered significant acclaim within the brutal underground community. Between 2012 and 2018, the band released a second album and three EPs. With the addition of a bassist and drummer in 2018, Traumatomy began touring, bringing their crushing sound to audiences around the world.”