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WiL | Precious: Exclusive Premiere

The veteran B.C. singer-songwriter unabashedly wears his heart on his sleeve with the soul-stirring second single from his upcoming sixth full-length The Gold Mine.


Wil treasures a priceless relationship in his stirringly beautiful new single Precious — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The second single from the B.C singer-songwriter’s upcoming sixth studio album The Gold Mine, Precious — a strikingly gorgeous romantic ode fashioned from a tentatively twinkling piano, an insistently thrumming guitar, gently thumping tom-toms and WiL‘s soaring, soul-baring vocals — speaks to going through difficult times with your partner and then coming out on the other side and realizing how much that person means to you.

“If you’ve lived enough time, there comes a point when you look around you and realize who really matters,” says WiL. “It could be a person or pet or whatever. And you know your life is that much more enriched for having them in it.”

Many of the songs on The Gold Mine (due May 13) deal with the realities of being in a long-term relationship — the good, the bad, and the ugly. They’re lessons WiL (aka William Mimnaugh) has learned first-hand. And they helped this edgy, fit yet slightly vintage-looking roots rocker from Vancouver Island infuse a dose of this wisdom into his lyrics while penning his latest and very personal album.

Photo by Caroline Lambert-Mimnaugh.

About five years ago, the 51-year-old song craftsman was asked to come up with a short piece of music for a commercial project. The client passed on the idea, but that little piece of music stuck. It stuck so hard that the rest of that song just kind of wrote itself. And then it planted the seed to the most ambitious album to date. So ambitious it took four more years to be fully realized.

There is a universal thread about these songs, a kind of unapologetic agelessness. But it makes sense! The writer is himself unapologetic — about his age, his roots, his choices and his music career. After all, he has been through the proverbial grind, signed to a major label and then dropped, made some albums he’d rather not think about, played some shows to empty rooms (but what musical artist hasn’t)? As the saying goes: hat doesn’t hurt you … right? And WiL is stronger. He has evolved. So has his music.

As he has grown, his work has become the soundtrack for many. Fans have chosen Oak Tree as their wedding dance, partied to Both Hands holding a wine bottle and sung Roam while hiking snow-capped peaks. With this new album, perhaps they’ll find new nuggets of gold for their playlists, including the quietly apologetic I’m Sorry, the whimsical love story that is Lion’s Feet and the simple heartfelt delivery of Precious.

Listen to Precious above, sample more from WiL below, and find him at his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Photo by Jodie Gallant.