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Albums Of The Week: Black Mekon | We’ve Learned Nothing: Free Range Hassle 1+2

Something old, something new, and plenty of fuzzed-out blues-punk too. That's what the Birmingham duo deliver on this two-faced remake & sequel to their 2007 album.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “WE’VE LEARNED NOTHING! No point sending us back to school Ma, because WE’VE LEARNED NOTHING! No point waiting for that seasoned magnum opus, because WE’VE LEARNED NOTHING!

Birmingham’s Black Mekon have re-recorded their first blast of sonic reduction Free Range Hassle — and just to prove that nothing has sunk in they’ve recorded Free Range Hassle 2, a sequel 15 years in the making.

The result is the 15-year anniversary double album of punk blues rrrrargh released on the legendary PNKSLM Recordings! Did Backseat Bebe ever get a ride? Did the Mean Drunk ever seek help? Did the Comeback Kitty ever return? Finally, we now have the answers to the questions we’ve been asking.

Black Mekon, your favourite duo who never got off the naughty list, are back! Same ferocious audio-assault! Same laughing-to-keep-from-crying stories! Same level of art-damaged no-skill! WE’VE LEARNED NOTHING!”