Weekend Mixtape (Side 9) | 168 Songs That Will Crush You Like A Bug

Sisyphus ain’t got nothing on me, baby. When I got up today, my in-box was a shitshow from the git-go — hundreds upon hundreds of Bandcamp Friday offerings and Christmas submissions in addition to the usual onslaught of new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes, not to mention scores of new albums and EPs. Frankly, I was sorely tempted to just delete them all and take the day off. Instead, I girded my loins, mustered my reserves and pushed that monkeyloving rock all the way up and over that motherhumping hill. And along the way, I unearthed dozens of precious gems you won’t find anywhere else. You’re welcome. Your Tinnitist-approved numbers are fittingly flagged with a 🪨. Better get a move on — it’s a big sucker.



🪨 158 | Hermeto Pascoal | Samba do Belaqua

159 | Sean Foran | Momentary Control

🪨 160 | Tim Carman Trio | Blues For Bob

161 | Jennifer Wharton | Silent Night

162+163 | Deadeye | Deadeye + Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri


164 | Emika | Double Edge X (ft. Robert Ames)

165 | Phew | We Are Never Talking

166 | Piotr Kurek | Montufar

167 | Tristan Eckerson | Further

168 | Mark Solotroff | Pressing Upon Us