Weekend Mixtape | More Than 225 Songs That Let It All Hang Out (Side 2)

Wow, Friday again already? That was fast. Not that I’m complaining about making it to another weekend. And I’m certainly not griping about these 225 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances — most of which you won’t get anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🃏. Here’s the deal:



1🃏 The Pomps | Elite Ennui

2🃏 Varas | Hell No

3Maude Audet | Je Danse

4Spacey Jane | Sorry Instead

5Zolita | Crazy Ex

6Robocop Kraus | On Repeat

7Flabian Graber | Still Si

8Jack Kays | The Voice In My Head

9BoyWithUke | Rockstar

10🃏 Plain White T’s | Spaghetti Tattoo

11🃏 Blone Noble | Weapon Of Love

12Aidan Bissett | Twenty Something

13🃏 Jad Fair & Kramer | True Love Will Find You In The End

14Gold Steps | Love Song

15Stimmerman | House Party

16Leith Ross | (You) on My Arm

17Lydia Sutherland | Look Like Your Exes

18Lauren Spencer Smith | Best Friend Breakup

19Jeremy Zucker | Internet Crush

20Cian Ducrot | I’ll Be Waiting (Choir Version)

21🃏 Jonathan Roy | I Wanna Feel Love

22The Foreign Films | Perfect Future

23🃏 Avind | Naken

24Simple Forms | Unprecendented Uncertainty

25Loupe | Caught In The Moment

26Payson Lewis | Back In Time (ft. Leah Lewis)

27🃏 The Guess Who | The King

28🃏 The Medium | She’s Got It + Moon Rocks

29Chloé Caroline | Afraid Of The Dark

30🃏 Gord Sinclair | Gool Guy

31Whitehall | Dogfights

32Alle The Dreamer | Magic

33🃏 The Lad Classic | Feelin’ High

34Dylan Valdés I Remember What You Said

35Jeff Draco | Letters

36Chris Church | Going ‘Til We Go