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Milla Thyme | Everything Has Its Thyme: Album Premiere

The Montreal artist's debut full-length is a compelling coming-of-age creation.

Milla Thyme is a musical mixologist on his intoxicating and intelligent debut album Everything Has Its Thyme — premiering today on Tinnitist.

Out now via Toronto record label URBNET, the 12- track LP is a coming-of-age creation that showcases the socially conscious artist’s evolution as a rapper, bassist, and producer. Co-produced by Milla and Chris Vincent (Busty and The Bass), Everything Has Its Thyme features collaborations with producers like Anomalie and Milla’s backing band, who also play with a number of up-and-coming artists like Juno-winning Dominique Fils-Aimé, Shay Lia and KALLITECHNIS. Listeners can expect an experimental travelogue that moves between classic and futuristic hip-hop — blended with alt-R&B, funk, jazz, rock and electro-soul, but always putting groove at the forefront. Lyrically, the sincerity in each track is undeniable, as Milla touches on topics like the trials and tribulations of of modern dating (W.O.M.E.N.), growing up (Lost Boys), nostalgia (Heaven Looks Like, On My Block) and hard times (The Breaks).

Photo by @olea.lens.

On his soul-pop single 3 Dimensions he paints a picture of the sensory pleasures of his early days living in a big city (Toronto) and performing at underground rap parties. Meanwhile, on Straight to You, he is rapping bars about coming up on the Montreal music scene a decade later. The record also delivers socio-political commentary on Borders (an anthem against the mistreatment of Indigenous and minority communities) and Mi Barrio (which touches on erasure and cultural genocide due to gentrification). Finally, Señior Hielo and St. Andre’s Song are narratives about how complex trauma can shape men’s perspectives, mental health and outcomes. Taken as a whole, the album is a fresh listen and a window into the artist’s mind, journey, philosophies and transformation.

Originally from Toronto, Milla moved to Montreal to pursue music where he got experience composing, arranging and perfecting his skills on the bass. He is also well known for playing bass and rapping at the same time at his live shows. Since 2015, he has been a member of Urban Science. He is also known for his collaborations with jazz hip-hop band The Liquor Store and has been a regular guest of improv collective Kalmunity. In 2016, he released his EP Eternally the Student.

Listen to Everything Has Its Thyme above, check out his video and a making-of documentary on the album below, and keep up with Milla Thyme on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by @olea.lens.