Tuesday Mixtape (Side 4) | 70 Songs That Are Better Than A Boxful Of Scorpions


Yesterday, you may recall, I wrote about getting an unsolicited bag of coffee beans in the mail. Was I surprised? Sure. But not half as surprised as Joywave’s drummer Paul Brenner, who — according to a story making the rounds today — ordered some clothes online and got a box of live scorpions. And not the power ballad-spewing, Rock You Like A Hurricay-eeene! kind; the stinging, scary and totally dangerous kind. Now, it’s not a competition — but if it were, he would totally win. In his honour, I have flagged all of today’s sharpest cuts with a 🦂. Enjoy these 60 new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes, including plenty of keepers you won’t find anywhere else — but none that will necessitate a trip to the ER (hopefully):



45 | Malachiii | Free My Soul

46 | Beni-Hana & Qualm | Natural Selection

47 | Frisco Boogie | Raise the Stakes (Theorist Mix)

48 | Florencia Andrada | El Imperio

49 | Charlotte Dos Santos | Patience

50 | Mylo Quinn | Drift (ft. Shalina)

51 | Sipprell | More Than We Are

52 | Jordn | High Hopes

53 | Ruthven | Don’t Keep It To Yourself


54 | Wingtips | Run For Shelter

55 | Jennifer Hall | Why Cut Time