Tinnitist TV | Episode 12: Clockwise On Fire

The dynamic new Philadelphia duo fill you in on their psychefunkaprogadelic sound.

Clockwise On Fire are an incredible new duo from Philadelphia, formed by longtime friends and collaborators Tim Arnold and Brian Lynch.

Arnold used to be the drummer in the indie-folk band Good Old War, but trust me, Clockwise On Fire don’t sound anything like that. Their music is a wild, freaky, vibrant, shape-shifting entity — a freewheeling fusion of rock and psychedelia and prog and funk and pretty much anything else they feel like adding to the mix, topped with smart, funny lyrics and delivered with plenty of attitude. They’re a little like Zappa and a little like Primus — no surprise, since both of them once played in a Primus tribute band — but really, their self-titled debut album doesn’t sound like anything else you’ve heard lately. That’s impressive enough on its own. But what might be even more impressive is that they made long-distance, trading files while Arnold was living in Atlanta. He has since moved back to Philly, where both men recently talked with me about their unique sound, their musical influences, their creative approach, their crazy cover art and more. Read about their album HERE, and check them out on their website, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and Bandcamp.