Tinnitist TV | Episode 13: Kira Roessler

The veteran bassist talks about her new album, her years with Black Flag & more.

Kira Roessler should need no introduction to fans of vintage L.A. punk. As the bassist for the legendary Black Flag, she played on classic albums like Slip It In and Loose Nut, and performed scores of shows with the notoriously hard-touring band, holding her own next to Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn during their intense, confrontational and often violent shows. Amazingly, while in Black Flag, she was also attending (and eventually graduating from) UCLA.

That’s some pretty amazing multi-tasking. But it’s basically par for the course from Kira, who has spent much of her life balancing her musical interests (she’s made several albums with dos, her band with fellow bassist and former husband Mike Watt) and her career as a dialogue editor for Hollywood productions (she’s worked on Oscar-winning movies and has earned two Emmys of her own for her work on Game Of Thrones and John Adams). This year, Kira finally focused on her own project, releasing her self-titled debut solo album. It’s an artful, stylish collection of music that falls somewhere between jazz, classical and post-rock, highlighting her nimble, angular bass and her personal, poetic lyrics. She and I spoke about her music, her intense time with Black Flag, her editing work and more. Read about the album HERE, and find out more on her label’s website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Spotify.