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Albums Of The Week: Brian Setzer | Gotta Have The Rumble

The Stray Cats frontman sticks to his rockabilly ways on his first LP in seven years.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Brian Setzer’s Gotta Have The Rumble is the Stray Cats singer-guitarist’s first solo album in seven years. Produced by Julian Raymond (Glen Campbell and Cheap Trick), Gotta Have The Rumble is a red-hot album from start to finish–American music amped up to 10 – with songs that are full of dynamism and bravado. Highlights include Checkered Flag, Smash Up On Highway One, Drip Drop, The Cat with 9 Wives, One Bad Habit and Rockabilly Banjo.

“Obviously, it’s a reference to my motorcycles and hot rods, something that hasn’t changed since I was 15 years old,” says Setzer about the album title. “I still have the same passion for going fast and adrenaline. But it’s also about my hearing problem with tinnitus — the ringing of the ear. It was pretty bad, and I realized that I couldn’t play the way I wanted to. As I recovered, standing in front of a small amplifier just didn’t cut it. The sound from my big amp makes the guitar rumble. Which is a big part of my sound. I was really despondent for a while because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do that again. So, Gotta Have The Rumble refers to both of those things.”

Gotta Have The Rumble’s 11 tracks were all written or co-written by Setzer, while the album was recorded in his adopted hometown of Minneapolis and Nashville.”

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