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Albums Of The Week: The Confusions | Black Silhouettes / The Nuclear Ghosts

The Swedish indie veterans double down with an epic batch of post-punk pop.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The mischievous minds of this Swedish four-piece indie band have yet to experience a dull moment in their 30-year career.

The Confusions have done it all — they’ve been signed to indie and major labels, been hailed by the British music press and at the same time rejected by the local papers, toured around the world, had a sales flop and then at their next release an MTV hit. The band are now a powerful live machine consisting of four good friends with a genuine love for the music they create.

They are the last standing band from the Swedish pop-wave of the early ’90s — and they are constantly developing. The indie veterans just released their 10th album, offering a mix of lo-fi indie-grooves, straightforward indie-pop and melodic post-punk energy, with nuclear stories from our childhood, long-lost love and reflections about these strange times we live in.”