Cameron & Crawford Live In The Moment In This Time This Place

The Saskatoon singer-songwriter sisters celebrate the simple joys of everyday life.

Cameron & Crawford know nothing is better than This Time This Place in their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

This Time This Place is a song about loving and appreciating simple moments like finding shade under a tree on a hot day, singing a song, sharing time with someone,” the Saskatoon singer-songwriter sisters say. “The video takes you on a journey through a beautiful forest as you hear the lush chords of a guitar and the sparkle of a mandolin, like sunlight coming through the trees.”

Following in the footsteps of earlier releases I Want A Song, Dark Road and Sometimes In September, Trish Cameron and Wendy Crawford continue to balance musica and lyrical prowess; This Time This Place celebrates the simple joys of life to a fittingly uncluttered, joyful backdrop.

The song was inspired by a walk Wendy took with a friend in an old Saskatoon neighbourhood on a hot summer day. “The streets were lined with big trees, and what a difference being under those trees made!” she remembers. “The memory of cool shade, dancing leaves, and joy in the moment fit well with the feelings evoked by chords and melody.” Weeks later, at a B.C. music camp the sisters attend every year, a sleepless Wendy had the song running through her head — complete with fresh ideas for the lyrics. “Trish woke up, too,” Wendy says, “and, although it was 4 a.m., she made coffee and we set to work where we had left off weeks before.”

Trish picks up the story: “From the point of ‘I love the tree I’m under,’ we explored what else could you love about a summer day. How about the dress you’re wearing? The song you’re singing? Who you’re sharing the experience with? The opportunity to love a special moment in life?” Their conclusion? “Love and appreciation beget more love and appreciation, and This Time This Place reminds us to recognize and treasure magical moments. Nothing’s better than this time, this place.”

That’s certainly true for the duo, who have been making music together for a decade. “We took our musical mantra from the amazing Brian Wilson, who said, ‘I want to make music I want to hear and that gives me great joy,’ ” Trish says. “In 2019 and 2020, we felt it was particularly important to share joy and remind people to notice the beauty and connection they have in their lives. We have all been through a lot!”

This Time This Place is the latest in a line of singles Cameron & Crawford plan to release this year, leading up to an album. Watch the video above, hear more from the duo below, and spend a moment with them at their website and Instagram.