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Albums Of The Week: Arkells | Blink Twice

A year and a day after the joyful Blink Once, the Canadian pop-rock kings keep the party going with the help of Tegan & Sara, Cold War Kids, Joel Plaskett and more.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Arriving almost a year to the day after its acclaimed predecessor Blink Once, Blink Twice showcases a new collection of songs in which Hamilton’s Arkells continue to push their sound and creativity to a new level.

Blink Twice is about going to new places and seeing the world with fresh eyes. You can either move through life and grow stubborn, or you can grow curious, says frontman Max Kerman. “We’ve never had an album with so many guest artists along for the ride. Everyone from Cold War Kids to Aly & AJ, Tegan and Sara, Lights, Cœur De Pirate, Joel Plaskett and Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers. At our core we’ll always be a living, breathing soul band. But Blink Twice lets us be that and more.”

Earlier this year, the band has shared the nex single Dance With You, featuring Cœur De Pirate and Aly & AJ. The addictive dance track is accompanied by a glamorously retro video. “We’ve always loved French music. From ’60s folk to modern electronic music, the sound of the language is unmistakably cool and romantic,” continues Kerman. “Once the song began to come together, we reached out to Beatrice (Cœur De Pirate) to pen the French verse. Our pals Aly & AJ sang on the choruses and the song immediately felt like nothing we’ve ever been part of before.”

“We are thrilled to be featured on this track,” said Aly & AJ. “And we’re happy to lend our vocals to this perfect summer jam to cut loose to.” Béatrice Martin (Cœur De Pirate) said, “so happy I’m featured on this dance track fever dream of a song, with rock legends Arkells and personal heroes of mine Aly & AJ. Max called me out of the blue and was like ‘write me a verse that sounds like we’re having a good time in a bar in Paris’ and as someone who had just given birth at the time of that call, I thought that was right up my alley.”