Sonic Reducers | Duelling Sex Pistols

John Lydon & his bandmates suing each other? We have something to say about that.


Who could have seen this coming? Aside from everybody and their dog, I mean.

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, The Sex Pistols are suing each other over the rights to their own music. In this corner: Guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook, who want to allow filmmaker Danny Boyle to use their songs in Pistol, an upcoming miniseries about the band based on Jones’ memoir. In that corner: Eternally contrary singer John Lydon (formerly Rotten), who refuses to sign off on the deal and has slammed the whole project from the beginning. What’s behind it? Who’s right? And can it be resolved? Eric Alper and I tackle these questions and others in today’s episode of Sonic Reducers. Join us as we detail the Pistols’ legal wrangling, debate whether it’s all about money (spoiler alert: It’s always all about money), recall other bands that have destroyed the magic by suing each other, and let you know where you can send death threats to the Queen. Sonic Reducers: One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.