Conrad Bigknife Says Never Say Never

The Saskatchewan country artist shares some relationship advice in his latest single.

Conrad Bigknife explains why you should Never Say Never on his new country single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The third single from the Regina singer-songwriter’s recent self-titled album and one of Bigknife’s most infectious numbers to date, Never Say Never is a relationship song “about not giving in to the ‘this will never work’ (attitude). Because that’s the real beginning of the end.

“It’s about the times in a relationship when it seems to be going all wrong, and no one knows why it’s happening,” he elaborates. “There’s a serious shift starting and it starts to feel weird and really uncertain. When it’s tears and confusion, and it’s getting ugly, that’s when we have to remind ourselves not to throw it away. It’s really easy to let negative momentum build.

“You can leave and slam the door on your way out — be dramatic and wild. (But) then take some time to pull it together and get right back home where you belong. It’s OK to watch it blow up and let it calm back down again. Trust the promise to be there for each other (in a relationship), no matter what.”

Ironically, The 2019 Saskatchewan Music Awards Indigenous Artist of the Year nominee is more than proficiently DIY when it comes to his sound. On his latest album, Bigknife wrote, sang, recorded, mixed and mastered the tracks himself. Additionally, he’s proud to have collaborated with a host of multi-talented instrumentalists to bring the 12 studio and two live performance tracks on this contemporary-meets-classic collection to life.

Bigknife’s big love for classic country and its heroes like Johnny Cash, Freddy Fender, George Strait and Conway Twitty was cemented in childhood and his family’s record collection. His reverence for the greats combined with a “conscious decision to throw away any self-imposed guidelines I had adopted along the way of what makes up ‘real’ country music” has resulted in an album that both pays tribute and pushes the thematic envelope.

Listen to Never Say Never above, hear more from Conrad Bigknife below, and keep up with him at his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.