KingDow Spreads His Wings On Toucan Woucan

The enigmatic artist flexes his third eye on a preview of his Spiritual Eyes EP.


KingDow takes flight on his powerful new single and martial arts-inspired video Toucan Woucan — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Infused with trap flavour and influenced by Asian sounds and styles, the genre-transcending artist KingDow says he’s flexing his third eye prowess on his new single. Produced by Tophatt Productions, Toucan Woucan is a preview of the Seattle artist’s upcoming EP Spiritual Eyes — a project cultivated during his spiritual awakening in 2020.

As a dancer and bass player, KingDow incorporates his talents into his arts through movement as well as music; in the video for Toucan Woucan, KingDow spars with himself while rapping about bringing the world to a higher vibration. Reflecting his belief that we are all dimensional beings having a human experience, Spiritual Eyes should open some eyes when it drops on Sept. 1.

Watch Toucan Woucan above, hear more from KingDow below, and connect with him on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.