Dutchman Rock Rock Rock On The Run Run Run

The Delaware alt-rockers deliver a solid blast from their debut album Vol. 1.


Dutchman hit the ground on the Run Run Run with their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A mid-tempo alt-rocker from the Delaware act’s debut offering Dutchman Vol. 1, the song harnesses the sonic talents of the band’s initial lineup: Jake Dutcher (vocals/rhythm guitar), Connor Johnson (vocals/lead guitar), Garrett Gravatt (lead/rhythm guitar) and Franco Solorzano (keys/bass).

“To this day, Dutchman Vol. 1 stands as our quickest collection of songs, only taking a month in the studio from start to finish,” the band say. “During this period, we were mostly recording and taping footage in-house, with all master mixes and video editing being done at my place, except for some stuff,” Johnson adds.

Dutchman pluck apart various strains rock ’n’ roll and blend them into a sound uniquely their own. With its staging pulsating riffs and tightly woven harmonies, Run Run Run exudes a good-time vibe, amped up to 11. Much like the album, the song was recorded primarily at Johnson’s pad — with the band handling the vocal tracks at their local studio Electric Fossil.

“The making of Vol. 1 started in October 2019, and was done in order of appearance on the track listing,” Dutcher explain. “Starting with It’s A Wild Life, we knew we had something good. After Run Run Run was completed, we were really on a roll … The video was filmed locally at our very own Electric Fossil Studios in early November of 2019. Our engineer Kirby delightfully made a cameo on the bass for us.”

Watch Run Run Run above, hear more from Dutchman below, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.