Howard Lee Naylor Replays Those Summer Days

The B.C. singer-songwriter takes you back to good ol' days with his latest track.

Howard Lee Naylor recalls the good ol’ days of sun, sand and sweet surf-pop in his nostalgic single and video Those Summer Days — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Reminiscing about a simpler time when family, friends, and lovers could congregate under the sun together — whether by the pool, beach, or over a nice dinner with a few beverages in hand — the Penticton pop-rocker offers up seasonal sonic ecstasy is set to soothe the soul during these continued trying times.

Ironically, the track was first penned and recorded for his 2017 album Possibilities in homage to the timeless sounds of The Beach Boys, who are referenced in the bridge of the song: “Take me back to a Beach Boys song / Wendy, nothing went that wrong.” Four years later, Naylor the perfectionist believed the number needed a new, enhanced mix with more depth and a richer bass tone, all the better to more vividly convey his inspiration. What hasn’t changed: Naylor’s smooth vocal harmonies and clean rapid-fire guitar melodies straight from the glory of the ’60s.

Since he hasn’t been able to enjoy the beach as much as he would like lately, Naylor has spent the better portion of the global pandemic in the studio, working on this crisp remaster of Those Summer Days — and his recently released second album Songs From Isolation. It wasn’t long after lockdown that Naylor reached out to his producer Ian Lopez in hopes to record the new tracks. “The stay-at-home order got really boring, but thank God I make music,” he smiles, describing his new originals as “songs from the heart and isolation.”

Watch Those Summer Days above, listen to Songs From Isolation below and find out more about Howard Lee Naylor on his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.