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Carissa Kimbell | The Break: Exclusive Single Premiere

The B.C. singer-songwriter's latest mixes soulful noir-pop & ambient textures.

Carissa Kimbell shoulders a heavy emotional burden in her gorgeous new single The Break — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of the Nelson, B.C. singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP Like Water, The Break is a hauntingly beautiful inventory of pain and perseverance, with Kimbell’s hazy, siren-like vocal drawing you down into a musical riptide of soulful noir-pop and ambient post-rock textures.

The darkly mesmerizing journey is just one of six musical chapters on Like Water, a personal and revealing document of Kimbell’s own artistic and personal path. “There are definitely continuous threads that are carried throughout the entire EP,” she explains, “though much of the narrative is around personal wellness and the long and challenging journey of self-discovery, which is present in each track in one form or another. Even in the title track, Like Water — which was written as an ode to a future love — the perspective is of the individual who has experienced something that feels very much like an end, but deep inside knows that what may seem like an ending now is likely the beginning of something much more beautiful and “right”. This EP speaks to the difficult process involved in gathering self-knowledge and developing one’s inner wisdom, which is often developed through facing one’s shadow and diving into the depths of the self.”

Photo by Marta Hewson.

Nos surprisingly, Kimbell says her greatest source of inspiration “very much comes from within. Of course, I am inspired by nature and enlivened by the changing seasons, but my desire to create music and sing has always come from an internal place. Making music/singing has not been an easy journey for me and in many ways, I have tried to escape its call, but at the end of the day, I cannot shake the feeling that singing is part of my life’s purpose. In fact, I would say that I have been more inspired to choose other “things” and paths in life, as there are always more logical and rational reasons to not pursue this path than to do so. My desire to make music has not been as loud in some ways, though it has been very patient with me. It’s almost as though I must get quiet in order to hear its call and remember just how deep my musical well goes. Thanks to the practice of Dream Analysis which I began a few years ago now, I am often reminded by a force that feels much bigger and older than me, that regardless of how difficult it may be/seem, music is where I am fully expressed, and so, I am inspired to pursue music by an inner compass — even when it seems I cannot or should not.”

Listen to The Break below, stay tuned for Like Water on July 17 — whose release date is fittingly expected to coincide with the birth of her first child — and find out more about Carissa Kimbell on her website.

Photo by Marta Hewson.