Chersea | Let’s Talk About Love: Exclusive Premiere

The Vancouver artist offers an edgy electro-pop anthem for the defeated.

Chersea speaks her mind in her new single Let’s Talk About Love — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The first single from the Vancouver artist’s upcoming album Divine Comedy, Let’s Talk About Love is an electro-pop anthem for the defeated: The ghosted, the blocked, the gaslighted, the punching bag, the jilted lover, and the scorned. Sparse instrumentation allows for a thumping baseline to pop among simple percussive elements, providing Chersea’s voice a launching pad for soulful vocal fireworks and impressive harmonic arrangements fit for any scorned lover. Written from a place of pure resentment and anger it is arguably Chersea’s most passionate piece yet and explores the honesty and frustration that follows an awful, answerless breakup. This song is a revelation — and a reminder that they weren’t worth your time.

Speaking of revelation: Divine Comedy has certainly been a humbling one for Chersea. From the cold introspective beginnings that characterized her debut Grey Matter — with overtones spilling into her sophomore album In LimboDivine Comedy provides a new perspective on the person Chersea has become. Utilizing isolation, the feelings that come from navigating difficult relationships and the power that comes after healing from unrequited love, Chersea’s discourse has changed. It has become more about dialogue and less about poetic introspection.

It’s important that this time, you can hear the love in the sentiments of her comedic divinity, as she expresses humility and honestly recognizes the deception contributing to her faults. She realizes that she doesn’t need everyone to like her, that she makes people uncomfortable, and that no matter what mess she tries to fix it can result in a bigger disaster.

That is her Divine Comedy: Reaching a place of inner peace that ebbs between disdain and respect, directly influenced by the interactions of others. This perpetual cycle precedes her own existential crisis, illuminated by the need for things others can’t provide. By pointing out her own failures, she exposes the truth behind paradise: It could just be a joke after all, and the gag could be the most defining measure of being human.

Chersea is a one-of-a-kind, expressionist-inspired electro-pop artist whose music stimulates the mind, body, and soul. She has been featured in national media and shared the stage with Reggie Watts, Brian Wilson, Rich Aucoin, Allen Stone and Moby, with her live performances viewed by thousands all over the world.

Listen to Let’s Talk About Love above, hear more from Chersea below, and get to know her on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.