Matell Urges You To Help Someone Fragile Today

The Colorado R&B artist makes a bold statement with his moody, minimalist track.


Matell wants you to lend a hand on his new single Fragile (Help Someone) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Fragile is my We Are the World anthem,” the Colorado R&B singer-songwriter and producer says. “Fragile is a powerful word! The lyrics are emotive and roll off your tongue and into your heart.” Not back for a song that he says he produced on a cellphone — “and from my car. Because my computer isn’t working. The creative process still goes on regardless of your surroundings.”

And how. Matell shines with a mixture of style and sensitivity on this standout cut. Setting his passionate lyrics and soulful vocal atop a meditative, minimalist and moody track built around a ringing piano, a whistling flute, cymbal washes and finger snaps, Matell makes a bold statement about the importance of humanity, empathy and connection in these times of violence, division and quarantine.

Matell has been heralded for previous releases like I Apologize 2U & U2, Quickly, Low Expectations, I Said I’m Gonna Go, Oops, Oops Upside Your Head and My Conversations With God. Experience Fragile (Help Someone) above, hear more from Matell below, and keep up with him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.