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Next Week in Music | March 29 – April 4 • The Long List: 275+ Releases On The Way

All the new music heading your way in the coming days — and plenty more.

For the optimists out there, this week’s Long List has been brought to you by the words light, over, love, best and life. For the pessimists, it’s also brought to you by the words black, dead and bones. You know which side you’re on.



Mindi Abair | The Best of Mindi Abair
Tommy Alexander | Light & Drama
Amulets | Blooming
Curtis Andrews | Speaking Hands
Angelic Desolation | Rumpus Time Is Over / Quorum of Unspeakable Curses Special Edition
The Apartments | A Life Full of Farewells Reissue
Aphrodite | Orgasmic Glory
Yuko Araki | End of Trilogy
Rick Armstrong | Infinite Corridors
Arx Atrata / Bleakwinter Shrine | The Warrior Cycle
Ashen Horde | Black Curse EP
Atria | Moonbrain
Avaland | Theater of Sorcery
Iggy Azalea | Sip It
Ivan B | Frames
Baekhyun | Bambi
Bambounou | Cascade EP
Caterina Barbieri | Fantas Variations
Bark | Relics
Joe Barksdale | Omari
Gary Bartz, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge | Jazz Is Dead 006
Basside | Fuck It Up EP
The Beat Farmers | Tales of the New West’ Deluxe Reissue
Patrick Belaga | Blutt
Brian Bennett | Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk) Expanded Edition
Paul Bergmann | The Other Side
Big Ant Dog | Love Solo Version
BigBabyGucci | Assume The Worst
Blacklist Royals | Doomsday Girl
Blasphemy | Feed The People
Blue Ox | Holy Vore
Bones Of The Earth | II. Eternal Meditations Of A Deathless Crown
Pi’erre Bourne | 4U
David Bowie | The Kit Kat Klub (Live New York 99)
Boys Cruise | Boys Cruise
Bridge Burner | Disempath
Bruit ≤ | The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again
Mark Bryan | Midlife Priceless
BTS | Film Out
Cactus | Tightrope
Caixão | Demo 2020
Mori Calliope | Your Mori.
Dove Cameron | LazyBaby
Zane Carney Quartet | Alter Ego
Céline & The Blue | Within & Without EP
Elizabeth Chang | Transformations
Charmaine | Hood Avant Garde EP
Richard Chartier | Interreferences
Coletivo 91 | Não sei mais o que é normal
Chris Conde | Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay
The Colours That Rise | Mixtape 1
Commodo | Scabz / Guah
Complainer / Moonrace | Split
Chris Conde | Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay
Dan Croll | Grand Plan
The Damned | Punk Oddities & Rare Tracks 1977-1982
Dark Time | Radiation EP
Rosie Darling | Coping EP
Benjamin Lazar Davis | I Bet You’re Fucking EP
The Deathray Davies | Time Well Wasted
Dead Label | Deadweight
Dead Neanderthals | Rat Licker
Oleksandr Demianenko | Indian Memories And Captured Radio Waves
Bryce Dessner & Australian String Quartet | Impermanence/Disintegration
Devils Teeth | La Leggenda di Chong Li
Joey Diabolic | Through Soundwaves Volume 4
Kady Diarra | Burkina Hakili
Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel | Polaris
Dispirited Spirits | Fragments of a Dying Star
Dom & The Wizards | The Australian Cyclone Intensity Scale
Dopolarians | The Bond
Douglas | Ashes
Downwinder | Downwinder
DreamKids | DreamKids EP
The Drums | Mommy Don’t Spank Me
Dry Cleaning | New Long Leg
Du Blonde | Homecoming
Scott DuBois | Summer Water
DZA | Bascar
Earthless | Live in the Mojave Desert Volume 1
Ellis•D | Nature’s Game
Piers Faccini | Shapes of The Fall
Facta | Blush
Fuoco Fatuo | Obsidian Katabasis
Female Species | Tale Of My Lost Love
La Femme | Paradygmes
Sjunne Ferger’s Exit | Childrens Mind
Charles Fifth | Analog Dream
Fishboy | Waitsgiving
Fletcher | Spore Sessions No. 4
Flock of Dimes | Head of Roses
Ben Foskett | Songs of Searching
Foxes | Friends In The Corner EP
Francis of Delirium | Wading EP
The Fratellis | Half Drunk Under a Full Moon
Frayle | Live at the House of Wills
Funeral Storm / Synteleia | The Ancient Calling
Richie Furay | 50th Anniversary Return to the Troubadour
Ġenn | Liminal
Sean Thomas Gerard | Finally Found a Paradise
Ghlow | Slash and Burn
Allen Ginsberg | Allen Ginsberg at Reed College: The First Recorded Reading of Howl and Other Poems
Godspeed You! Black Emperor | G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!
Felipe Gordon | A Landscape Onomatopeya LP
Esther Ann Gove | Oh Creation
Shakey Graves | Roll the Bones 10th Anniversary Edition
Clinton Green | Relativity​ /​ Only
Grimmreaper | The Tragedy of Being
Grmln | Dark Music In The Sun
Will Guthrie & James Rushford | Real Real World
J Hacha De Zola | J Hacha De Zola’s Greatest Hits
Half Alive | What’s Wrong
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel | The Best Years of Our Lives Vinyl
Haunted Shed | Faltering Light
Headsticks | C.O.W.
Heavy Trip | Heavy Trip
Helstar | Clad In Black
Miguel Herrnandez | Inchofwax EP
Hey, King! | Hey, King!
Rick Hickman | Time Is Long / Closer To Me
Hillward | Alternate Timelines
Hit Like A Girl | Heart Racer
Horsegirl | Ballroom Dance Scene / Sea Life Sandwich Boy
H-Owl Project | Sea of Tranquility
Iglooghost | Lei Line Eon
Ikimonogakari | Who?
Incisions | Bliss
Interplanetary Criminal / Coco Bryce | In My Arms EP
Ischemic | Ischemic
Janney | Janney
January Jane | Your Drug
Kito Jempere | After The Storm ft. Maajo (Radio Edit & Remotif Remix)
John-Robert | Healthy Baby Boy Pt. 1 EP
Jointhugger | Reaper Season EP
Leslie Jordan | Company’s Comin’
Karate Boogaloo | KB’s Mixtape No. 3 – Songs from Film & Television
Kava Kava | Forwards EP
Keane | Live At Largo
Sugai Ken & Lieven Martens | Kagiroi
Keith Kenny | Lifetime Ago Motel
Sean Khan | Starchild Single
Elizabeth King | Living In The Last Days
Kishi Bashi | Emigrant EP
Jon Klages | Fabulous Twilight
Chaz Knapp | Organ Drunes
Kolby Knickerbocker | Over and Over EP
Jon LaDeau | Time Capsules EP
Lil Tjay | Destined 2 Win
Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds | Waiting to Get Paid
Lord | Undercovers Vol. 1
Bob Lord | Playland Arcade
Loris | Rastros
Demi Lovato | Dancing with the Devil…The Art of Starting Over
Tiana Major9 | At Sixes and Sevens Remixed
Malacoda | Crawling Chaos
Myele Manzanza | Crisis & Opportunity Vol. 1: London
Dexter Francis Mason | I’m Sorry You Feel That Way
Johnny Mathis |The Heart of a Woman / When Will I See You Again / I Only Have Eyes For You / Mathis Is
Maxwell | Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite Digital Edition
Melldu | Mute Theatre
Mello Music Group | Bushido
Mile Marker Zero | Live & Confined
Minds Away | Talking Closer
Mishegas | Temporary Love EP
Mission To The Sun | Cleansed by Fire
Møaa | Euphoric Recall
Moontype | Bodies Of Water
Moral Collapse | Moral Collapse
Mortify | Grotesque Buzzsaw Defilement
Mo3 | Shottaz 4 Eva
Mountain Bird | Once We Were Present EP
Major Murphy | Access
Mythic Sunship | Wildfire
Nainnoh | Nainnoh
Nasty Cherry | The Movie EP
The Natvral | Tethers
Noisepoetbody | Insanity Mirror
No-No Boy | 1975
Obscure Fate | Raven’s Call
Octopus Montage | How To Live & How To Lose
Odd Circus | Mantha EP
Ohbliv | Rugged Tranquility Volume 1 & 2
Davy O’List | Second Thoughts Reissue
Teis Ortved | Parks At Night
Ottoman Turks | Ottoman Turks II
Pansy | Pansy
Yves Paquet | Every Now And Then
Zach Person | Zach Person
Petit Biscuit | Parachute Remixes
Grant-Lee Phillips | Walking in the Green Corn
Pictish Trail | Dream Wall EP
Placid Angles | Touch The Earth
Plaguewielder | Covenant Death
Everson Poe | Grief
Natascha Polké | Stars Wrapped In Skin
Posy | Abroad EP
Noah Preminger and Kim Cass | Thunda
Pulse | ImPulse
Quadeca | From Me To You
Tommy Ray | Handful Of Hits
Refreshers | Way U Smile
Al Riggs | I Got A Big Electric Fan To Keep Me Cool While I Sleep
Rollin’ Coffin | Runaway
Romasa | Insufferable Cave of Rotting Aspiration
Ron Moor | Upside Down
Rorcal & Earthflesh | Witch Coven
Jesse Rosenthal | The Killing Language
Matt Rösner | No Lasting Form
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | Bond 25
Sacred Bones | Sounds of the Unborn
Sacred Oath | Return of the Dragon
Saigon Kick | Saigon Kick Reissue
Saison | Rocinante (Extended Mix)
Johanna Samuels | Excelsior!
Saweetie | Best Friend Remix
John Schneider | Truck On
Scruscru | South Wind, Clear Sky (Part 2) EP
Sea of Snakes | World on Fire EP
The Searchers | A & B Sides 1963-1967
Sejeong | I’m Sejeong
Ben Shemie | 303 Diary
Shesgot | The Seeker
Alexei Shishkin | Credits
Sturgill Simpson | Cuttin’ Grass, Volume 2: The Cowboy Arms Sessions Vinyl
The Slowinks | Stay With Me Awhile
Smith | A Group Called Smith / Minus-Plus
The Snuts | W.L.
Soft Cell | Tainted Love EP
Soia, Julien Sénélas, Jérôme Vassereau | In C Pour 11 Oscillateurs Et 53 Formes
Sonnyjim × Kev Brown | A Joint Venture
Son of Boar | Son of Boar
Sons Of Alpha Centauri | Demo 2004 EP
Söur Bruthers | Better Days EP
Spread Joy | Spread Joy
Steel Bearing Hand | Slay In Hell
Al Stewart | Year of the Cat (Remastered and Expanded
The Still | Got It
Still Life | The Still City
The Sun And The Mirror | Dissolution to Salt and Bone
Sunday State | Sunday State
Tangled Shoelaces | Turn My Dial: M Squared Recordings & more, 1981​-​84
Tautologic | Wheels Fall Off
Teddy The Protector | Edward = Teddy The Protector
Ténéré | Be My Guest (Extended)
3Times7 | Smile While I Sing The Blues EP
Milla Thyme | Everything Has Its Thyme
Toada | Viveza
Toehider | I Like It
Gabby Toledo | Free My Soul EP
Travis | Good Feeling Vinyl Reissue
Trope | Eleutheromania
Dave Tucker, Pat Thomas, Thurston Moore, Mark Sanders | Educated Guess Vol. 1
Twit One | Objets Trouvés
Cristina Vane | Nowhere Sounds Lovely
Various Artists | Bills & Aches & Blues Digital Release
Various Artists | Bushido
Various Artists | Chandra Mixtape Vol. 1
Various Artists | Dance (RED) Save Lives Vol. III
Various Artists | Farnborough Groove, Vol. 12
Various Artists | 4AD: Bills & Aches & Blues
Various Artists | The Good Lyre: The Songs of John Wesley Harding
Various Artists | Johnny K2000
Various Artists | Walk My Way Vol. 4: Curated by Nick Vander
Veil of Light | Landslide
VHOOR | Ritmo
Via Fantastica | 2 any 1
Vicetone | Legacy
Vitrail | Les Pages Oubliées
Cha Wa | My People
Wake In June | Weak In June
Ryley Walker | Course In Fable
Waste Man | One Day It’ll All Be You
The Weight Band | Acoustic Live: Big Pink & The Levon Helm Studios
Emily Weisband | I Call It Being Human EP
Westside Gunn | TV Boy
Whitehall | Swordfish Catcher
White Light / Jo Bogaert | Whale
Tony Joe White | … Continued
Don Williams | Volume One, Two & Three
Witchkiss | It’s Curtains For Us
WJSN | Unnatural
Wode | Burn In Many Mirrors
Quelly Woo | Tactical Pressure EP
YaSi | Coexist With Chaos EP
YTN Bassy | Highway
Luca Yupanqui | Sounds of the Unborn