The Dirty Beat Fly High With Birds

The Winnipeg folk-rocker blazes his own trail on his darkly dramatic new single.

The Dirty Beat spread their wings and scorch the earth with their darkly powerful and dramatic single Birds — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Arriving alongside The Dirty Beat’s self-titled album, Birds is a song unlike any other, boasting a unique instrumentation and compositional depth that rival the most prominent music production houses. As the mastermind and sole member of The Dirty Beat, Warren G. Funk channels the energy of hard rock legends while telling soul-wrenching tales of triumph and despair. Bone-crushing vocal harmonies and planet-shifting percussion take centre stage as heavy-folk melodies fill listeners’ ears and open minds..

The Winnipeg artist’s fiery self-titled debut is the culmination of years of blood, sweat, and tears shared by all dreamers; after receiving a Canada Council grant in 2007, his first attempt at an album fell apart after personal and logistical factors halted production. A decade of self-imposed creative and public isolation passed as the ghosts of unfulfilled dreams haunted Funk.

Eventually , the support of his family provided the jolt needed to push him towards his artistic aspirations. “Ultimately this album is about resilience and resurrection through love and the unbridled drive of creation,” he shares.

Funk’s commitment and drive are matched only by a seemingly endless palette of originality that distinguishes The Dirty Beat from other musical acts. Taking a similar approach to Jack White, Funk harnesses his skills as a multi-instrumentalist on an ever-expanding list of uniquely tuned instruments to create something wholly new. Accordions replace electric guitars in this dazzling sonic showcase of the senses. A hybrid analog / digital setup also contributes a grittiness that complements the overall recording.

Check out Birds above, listen to The Dirty Beat below, and connect with Warren G. Funk at the band’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.