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Now Hear This: Fullminator | Omniplasm

Come for the cartoon sci-fi thrash, stay for the killer Beasties cover. Or vice versa.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Fullminator are a crossover thrash-metal band from the future (and also San Juan, Puerto Rico) that take all the excitement of party music and elevate it to intergalactical heights.

They formed in 2016, after Lord Gartallax (drums), Master Kiununtriux (rhythm guitar), Enforcer Blowmiux (bass), and Cyber Zurffex (lead guitar) betrayed their master and creator, the mighty cosmic dictator Colonel Roach, by stealing a valuable piece of paraphernalia. They traveled back in time randomly — only to be trapped in the filthy streets of Puerto Rico, where they met another cosmic fugitive named Reptilian Deluxe (lead vocals), whose idea to disguise themselves as a bunch of nerds playing in a metal band with masks seemed just perfect to remain hidden on planet Earth.

Now, with their scheme up and running, Fullminator strike human ears with notable influences of GWAR, Municipal Waste, Anthrax, Gama Bomb, Overkill and many more greats — spiked with the extra juice of a theatrical performance that includes lasers, beer spilling and giant robot battles in the pit. With all these elements merged to create a relentless and mind-blowing experience, Fullminator are down to take you for a ride you’ll never forget.”

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