Morning Trips Hit The Streets For My Parade Video & Single

The Florida synth-popsters walk the walk in their latest sunny single.

Morning Trips take it outside in the video for their single My Parade — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

First on the scene in 2017, the Florida four-piece’s expansive sound has been described as “a gumbo of dream-pop, shoegaze, R&B, and ’80s music,” with a touch of punky nostalgia and saccharine synth mixed in for good measure. The blend of comforting yet pulsating feelings ripple and resonate further with each riff; Morning Trips aim to be for all collections of people as they morph through soundscapes with their diverse approach to creating.

“We want to create a world with the same mentality of how we want to exist in the real world,” songwriter and band founder Brady Lynch shares. “We want to create open, progressive, and diverse music for people from all walks of life to find something of solace in.”

So far, their discography walks the talk; each track indeed serves as its own singular, standout ingredient, while landing as decidedly cohesive and complementary alongside counterparts in the stewpot. From dreamy R&B to electronic-influenced punk to bubbly synth-pop, 2020 singles Follow the Blind, Saudade and Di / Hi followed earlier 2019 offerings of Baby, Disobedience and 2018’s debut Blue.

“I was initially inspired by an almost naive approach to writing music on a laptop, if I’m honest,” Lynch recalls. “I started producing demos intended for a ‘traditional’ band sound in hopes to find members to round out a lineup.” It worked; soon he was joined by Logan Clinkingbeard, James Amos and Noah Townsend. “Turns out, those early laptop demos eventually paved the way to become the first Morning Trips tunes,” Lynch adds.

Take in My Parade above, hear more from Morning Trips below, and follow the band on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.