Eric Sleeper Wins The Lotto – By Losing You

The indie-rocker's lucky number comes up in his empowered new single.

Eric Sleeper’s makes his own luck with his grungy and empowered new single Lotto — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

In his latest track, the New Jersey / New York indie-rock singer-songwriter takes listeners on a musical journey of purging negative energy and allowing yourself to feel happy about leaving venomous relationships behind. The main message of Lotto is learning to stand up for yourself and not allowing others to gaslight you into keeping them in your life.

“The song is about letting go of something. The line ‘I’m in too deep to chase your love’ basically reflects on being so entrenched in someone’s toxicity that you no longer have the energy to love them anymore,” explains Sleeper. “The lyric, ‘I hit the lotto when you were gone’ plays on the thought that you are better off without people in your corner if they don’t have your best interest at heart. The song also represents fighting against adversity and challenging complacency to truly find yourself as an artist and human being.”

To bring Lotto to fruition, Sleeper teamed with producer Simon Ficken at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, N.J. Ficken plays drums on the track, while Kevin Persaud was recruited for bass, thus finalizing the angsty yet well-rounded sound. The backdrop of Sleeper’s deep and melodic voice against the dynamic instruments creates a unique track that sets this song apart from his previous releases.

Check out Lotto above, hear more from Eric Sleeper below, and get in the game on his Instagram and Facebook.