Anaté Remembers Her First Time In New Single & Video

The European downtempo duo share the latest preview of their upcoming debut disc.

Anaté rewind the joy and sorrow of young love with their darkly smouldering single and video First Time — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of the downtempo duo’s forthcoming debut album Confessions, the seductive First Time is a slow-burning ballad carried by a groovy drum and bass track — and accompanied by ambient violins and an icy vocal melody.

“Don’t we all remember that moment when we first fell in love?” says frontwoman Ana. “It felt like the only people in the world were you and that person … That you were sharing your own little secret and every moment together was almost magical. Until reality hits — one or both of you either gave too much or too little. You gradually start falling apart, watching the love story come to an end.”

Anaté’s story, meanwhile, is just gaining momentum. Singer/songwriter and pianist Ana-Maria Teodorescu — who divides her time between Paris and Berlin — and Italian producer Andrea met in Brussels in early 2019. Although he lives in Milan, the duo have been writing and recording virtually ever since. Anaté’s sound is driven and defined by an omnipresent downtempo vibe that encompasses a variety of sounds and styles. This unique approach makes sense once you understand the duo’s shared love for the music of Massive Attack, Hooverphonic, Dido and Amy Lee.

Fittingly, First Time was the first song they wrote together. Andrea crafted the initial beat which inspired Ana to write about the dark side of being in love. “When I sent First Time to Ana, she answered back after a few hours saying she was ‘jumping on the chair’ in her office because she had the perfect melody and lyrics for the song,” he recalls.

Judge for yourself. Watch First Time above, hear more from Anaté below, and keep up with them on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.