Peter Bloom Band Jazz Up The Holidays With Reindeers Away

The singer-songwriter unwraps a toe-tapping big band tune for the holidays.


The Peter Bloom Band get into the holiday swing with their zippy, toe-tapping Christmas single and video Reindeers Away — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“The coronavirus pandemic had a multi-pronged effect on me and my creative outlook,” says Bloom, the alter-ego of alt-pop singer-songwriter, voiceover artist, and former radio personality ‘Scary Pete’ Cugno.“First, it made me stop feeling sorry for myself as I realized just how lucky I have been and still am. Many have not been so fortunate as a result of the pandemic. Second, it made me take stock of what really matters to me and gives me a sense of purpose, which is making people feel good … Making them smile and laugh. God knows, we could all use more of that in these times.

“Finally,” he adds, “with less voiceover work coming in, I had more time on my hands to get in my studio and focus on creating music that would make people feel good. Despite the unfamiliar territory of writing in this style of music, Reindeers Away just came pouring out of me, and I figured if it makes me feel this good, then hopefully it can do the same for others.”

Reindeers Away is composed, and produced by Cugno, with big-band arrangement by Cristiano Calaresu. Cugno is well-known as a comedian and radio personality ‘Scary Pete. During his time on-air, Cugno created countless memorable character voices as well as numerous satirical bits, parodies, and viral hits such as I AM NOT Canadian (a spoof of the famous TV spot), and his 2012 NHL lockout song Shut the Puck Up. He has also been the voice of the Family Channel, a singing Mini-Wheat, Kyoya from Beyblade and François Turbot on Paw Patrol.

Check out Reindeers Away above, hear more from The Peter Bloom Band below and follow them on Facebook.