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Next Week in Music | Dec. 14-20 • New Books

You still haven't found anything good to read? There are only a few new options left.

I guess three new books is better than none. But only slightly. Assuming your reading list isn’t already full — and you’re interested in Dolly Parton, Mike Oldfiend and some guy from Tesla — here are next week’s options:


Dolly Parton: In Her Own Words
By Suzanne Sonnier

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Get inside the head of one of the most beloved musicians of our time, a longtime country music phenomenon turned titan of industry and cultural icon: Dolly Parton. This collection of quotes has been carefully curated from Parton’s numerous public statements-interviews, speeches, social media posts, and more. It’s a comprehensive picture of her legacy as one of America’s most recognizable music superstars, whose considerable impact can be felt well beyond popular culture. Since her career began in the Nashville music scene of the 1960s, Parton has become revered for her work as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. Parton has sold over 100 million records world-wide, she’s one of the most-honored female country performers of all time, and in 1999, she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Her profile has long transcended her musical achievements, as she became a successful businesswoman and co-owner of the Dollywood Company. She has also been recognized for her philanthropic work, providing scholarships and awards through her Dollywood Foundation and successful literacy program. This collection is a look into the inner workings of the woman known for penning such hits as I Will Always Love You and 9 to 5. Now, for the first time, you can find Parton’s most inspirational, thought-provoking quotes in one place, providing an intimate and direct look into the mind of this legendary musical icon.”

Son of a Milkman: My Crazy Life with Tesla
By Brian Wheat, Chris Epting

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Brian Wheat is far from your typical rock star. As bassist for the multi-platinum band Tesla, he’s enjoyed the spoils of success and lived the sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll lifestyle to the hilt. But it came at a cost, one that took years to repair. In this deeply honest and utterly revealing memoir, Wheat sheds light on the many challenges he faces, including bulimia, weight issues, and the crippling anxiety and depression caused by his conditions. Just like the songs his legendary band made, this is no-nonsense, blue-collar storytelling at its best. While revealing the vulnerable human behind the bass guitar, this autobiography also offers tremendous stories of life on the road, and collaborations and encounters with legendary figures like his pals in Def Leppard, David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, and Paul McCartney. Son of a Milkman will entertain, surprise, and inspire longtime fans of this enduring band.”

Mike Oldfield: Every Album, Every Song
By Ryan Yard

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “It can be difficult for an artist to have such overwhelming success so early into their career as was the case for Mike Oldfield. To this day, his name is forever synonymous with the album Tubular Bells. Mike followed this album with three further long form works in the 1970s, before venturing off onto other musical paths. The 1980s saw further success both in the albums and singles charts, while recent years have seen a return to long form music, often via sequels to his most famous work, with his most recent album being Return To Ommadawn in 2017. The music of Mike Oldfield touches listeners in ways that can be hard to describe. It bridges the gap between many musical cultures, whilst staying sharp and alert to current technological trends. In this book, Ryan Yard looks at the entire catalogue of albums to uncover what it is that makes his music so special. Each track from every album is critiqued with the aim of offering long term fans a different perspective whilst enticing new fans to explore and familiarise themselves with such wonderful new music. It makes a wonderful companion as the listener absorbs the music, hopefully offering food for thought as they embark on, or continue, their journey through the music of this remarkable artist.”