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Now Hear This: Tankus the Henge | Luna Park!

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A genre-bending, never-ending, furious and joyous force defined by movement, groove and the search for adventure, Tankus the Henge have been making and breaking their own rules for a while now.

Originally based around the songwriting of singer/pianist Jaz Delorean and inspired by the hard graft ethics of an early 20th-century travelling show, Tankus the Henge play upwards of 100 gigs a year in Europe. They have performed on stages across the world, from New Orleans to Albania, most places in between, including Glastonbury Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, WOMAD and countless others. Their funk-fuelled repertoire is wildly eclectic, ranging from explosive rock riffs to New Orleans swing, and an insatiable love for a good singalong round the piano.

Jaz spent years working in the funfair and circus world, so the idea of running an independent rock ’n’ roll band in a similar way made sense — relentless touring, a bus full of vagabond musicians, and everything original, live and grassroots. Gradually, through two albums and a marvellously shifting lineup, the Tankus the Henge sound was conceived.

Tim Fulker (guitar) joined just before the self titled debut was released and hurls his unique concoction of huge riffs and fingerstyle playing into the pot. With Jaz and Tim stomping around at the front, the Tankus horns, George Simmonds (trombone) and João Mello (sax, keys, guitar) add wooze and spectacular fireworks on top of the rhythm section powered by Franco Pellicani (drums) and Dan Hipkin (bass). Dan has taken over live bass duties from Tom Sinnett, who has stepped back to concentrate on studio work and string arranging.

Tankus the Henge’s third studio album is a fictional utopia of their own design. Luna Park! sees the nomadic rock ’n’ roll storytellers dreaming of a world where creativity is celebrated and live music thrives once more. Opening its gates, the album ultimately makes a stand against the venue closures all over the country.

Written by Tankus The Henge, it’s a masterclass of fearless socio-political commentary and frenzied musical influence that often defies description. It was recorded at StudiOwz in Wales and produced by Gethin Pearson (Badly Drawn Boy/whenyoung/Crystal Fighters). It’s a record that invites you to escape in its incandescent spectacle, but urges you spare a thought for the people who put it on. Tankus the Henge welcome you to Luna Park!”