Groover Playlist 58 | Rock, Rap, R&B & Much More

Ko Ko Mo, Semji, Hunnid, Vendôme, Slim Tin Fox, Ratel C and more acts of the day.

Ko Ko Mo are in deep, Semji is a rising son, Hunnid is lonely at the top, Vendôme welcome the dawn and more in today’s submissions from Groover, a platform that connects artists with critics like me for a small fee. You can (and should) subscribe to my Tinnitist Groover Top 100 playlist HERE, or you can listen to it via the widget at the lower right of every page on this site. If you want to be in an upcoming playlist, click the link just below the widget or go HERE. But first, spend some quality time with these acts:


Ko Ko Mo | Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Indie-Rock.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Bristling with energy and exceptional talent, duo Ko Ko Mo are happy to carve their own path — from France’s indie-rock scene to global domination! They may be following in the hallowed footsteps of other famous rock duos like Plant and Page, Royal Blood and The Black Keys, but this pair are determined to carve out their own legacy, bringing a raw, fresh and fearless live experience to a new audience.”

Semji | Fils De

HOME BASE: France.
THE TRANSLATED BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Semji has released his new title Son Of. The clip was lucky to have a well-known French rap guest … did you recognize them at the start and end of the clip?”

Hunnid | Lonely At The Top

HOME BASE: United States.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Hunnid is an award-winning urban artist, songwriter, producer and engineer with many accolades already under his belt. Continuously raising the bar higher for himself, the one-man army is on a devoted mission to be the voice for those who are often silenced. Hunnid’s music truly has no boundaries. Lonely At The Top “is actually far more than a song or single; it’s an actual glimpse into my life. This song was inspired by true events and I hope you take away something or at least connect with my tragedy and triumph.”

Vendôme | L’idéal du Matin

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Indie-Pop.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE:Vendôme started at the Festival International de la Chanson de Granby in 2017. Since then, the singer-songwriters have each dug their respective grooves, before meeting again this year to record their first EP. The four singer-songwriters together manage to create a vaporous rock universe where words play between head and heart. With Vendôme, we can expect impulsive melodies and thoughtful sounds that are not afraid to exist. Their first single L’idéal du Matin, influenced by indie, rock and alternative music, is accompanied by lyrics that pay homage to the piece — to the soft, soaring and romantic universe.”

Larissa Tormey | Inner Angel

HOME BASE: Ireland.
GENRE: Adult Contemporary Pop.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I am Irish/Russian multi-genre singer-songwriter. I made my name in Ireland singing country and folk music. But I am a classically trained mezzo and a pianist and write my own contemporary songs. I started to work on my new original contemporary pop project while in lockdown and I am going to release pop songs one by one in 2021. This is one of my own songs: Inner Angel. I have two versions: acoustic and pop. This is the acoustic one.”

Ratel C | Ding Ding Miaou

HOME BASE: France.
THE TRANSLATED BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I am Ratel C. I’m releasing my first single. My voice having been broken by treatments, I had to give up my activity as a soloist and became an author, composer, performer and producer. The treatments didn’t just break my voice: I haven’t been able to go out for almost 18 months, so I dream of my voice echoing in a room in the distance. Let her travel in my place. I sing about differences, handicaps, sex, homosexuality, motherhood, small joys and resilience. My lyrics are raw or tender, with a little dark humor. My single is Ding Ding Miaou, and behind a very innocent title, the song is not very innocent.”

Jizay | Ya No

HOME BASE: Canada.
GENRE: Trap.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “I am a Venezuelan/Colombian artist living in Montreal. I do reggaeton and trap music music in Spanish, English and French, I would like to share my last trap song Ya No.”

Mad’M | A Gift For You

HOME BASE: Belgium.
GENRE: Pop-Rock.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Born from experiences and hope, the creation of the album When The Sun And The Moon Rise began with a few musical notes and sensations. A Gift for You is a cry of passionate love, demonstrating the feelings felt at certain moments of life. A Gift for You is the right example of sensations we want to share with people.”

Bocar | Lust

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Soul/R&B.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Originally from Paris, Bocar is an urban R&B singer-songwriter. Through his music, the French-Senegalese artist cherishes the hope of a world without prejudices or labels. Passionate about R&B, Bocar is as much a singer as he is a rapper, influenced by pop and hip-hop. Bocar reveals a more intimate side of his personality with his single Lust. It describes the fear of attachment in a relationship, going from a simple physical desire to a more profound attraction. This chill, soft, and sensual song gives a glimpse of the artist’s universe. Lust is the second single of a series of three, which will be released before the end of 2020. An EP is in preparation for early 2021.”

Slim Tin Fox | Molly (Tapetown Mix)

HOME BASE: Ireland.
GENRE: Indie-Rock.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Hard, energetic rock from Slim Tin Fox, Dublin Ireland. If you like the style, but just not the song, check out our other tracks. They may be more to your liking.”

Timber | Prends le Temps de Rever

HOME BASE: France.
GENRE: Jazz.
THE BIO & PRESS RELEASE: “Timber is an author, composer, guitarist and singer, accompanied by his musicians. Prends le Temps de Rever (Take The Time To Dream) comes from his self-produced album.”