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Next Week in Music | Oct. 19-25 • New Books

Frampton, Cohen, Kiss, Queen, Brubeck and plenty more — read all about ’em.

Peter Frampton and Leonard Cohen, Queen and KISS, hip-hop and Brithop, jazz classics, cult heroes and plenty of rockin’ photos — welcome to another festival of musical wordplay. Read all about ’em:


Do You Feel Like I Do?: A Memoir
By Peter Frampton & Alan Light

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Do You Feel Like I Do? is the incredible story of Peter Frampton’s positively resilient life and career told in his own words for the first time. His monumental album Frampton Comes Alive! spawned three top-20 singles and sold eight million copies the year it was released (more than 17 million to date), and it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in January 2020. Frampton was on a path to stardom from an early age, first as the lead singer and guitarist of The Herd and then as co-founder — along with Steve Marriott — of one of the first supergroups, Humble Pie. Frampton was part of a tight-knit collective of British ’60s musicians with close ties to The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and The Who. This led to Frampton playing on George Harrison’s solo debut All Things Must Pass, as well as to Ringo Starr and Billy Preston appearing on Frampton’s own solo debut. By age 22, Frampton was touring incessantly and finding new sounds with the talk box, which would become his signature guitar effect. Frampton also had an enduring friendship with David Bowie — growing up as schoolmates, crossing paths throughout their careers, and playing together on the Glass Spider Tour, the two developed an unshakable bond. Frampton shares fascinating stories of his collaborative work with Harry Nilsson, Stevie Wonder, B.B. King, and members of Pearl Jam. He reveals both the blessing and curse of Frampton Comes Alive!, opening up about becoming the cover boy he never wanted to be, his overcoming substance abuse, and how he has continued to play and pour his heart into his music despite an inflammatory muscle disease and his retirement from the road. Peppered throughout his narrative is the story of his favorite guitar, The Phenix, which he thought he’d lost in a fiery plane crash in 1980. But in 2011, it mysteriously showed up again — saved from the wreckage. Frampton tells of that unlikely reunion here in full for the first time, and why the miraculous reappearance is emblematic of his life and career as a quintessential artist.”

Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories: The Early Years (Volume 1)
By Michael Posner

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Poet, novelist, singer-songwriter, artist, prophet, icon — there has never been a figure like Leonard Cohen. He was a true giant in contemporary western culture, entertaining and inspiring people everywhere with his work. From his groundbreaking and bestselling novels, The Favourite Game and Beautiful Losers, to timeless songs such as Suzanne, Dance Me to the End of Love, and Hallelujah, Cohen is a cherished artist. His death in 2016 was felt around the world by the many fans and followers who would miss his warmth, humour, intellect, and piercing insights. Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories chronicles the full breadth of his extraordinary life. The first of three volumes — The Early Years — follows him from his boyhood in Montreal to university, and his burgeoning literary career to the world of music, culminating with his first international tour in 1970. Through the voices of those who knew him best — family and friends, colleagues and contemporaries, rivals, business partners, and his many lovers — the book probes deeply into both Cohen’s public and private life. It also paints a portrait of an era, the social, cultural, and political revolutions that shook the 1960s. In this revealing and entertaining first volume, bestselling author and biographer Michael Posner draws on hundreds of interviews to reach beyond the Cohen of myth and reveal the unique, complex, and compelling figure of the real man.”

KISS and Philosophy: Wiser than Hell
By Courtland Lewis

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:KISS is the most outrageous and yet the most enduring of rock bands, with an unparalleled, almost religious level of devotion from millions of die-hard fans. In KISS and Philosophy, professional thinkers of diverse outlooks provide much-needed insights into the motivating ideas and metaphysical foundations of the KISS take on life. According to some, the true message of KISS is self-actualization through the hard work of following your dreams. Others focus on the existential aspect of KISS thinking, drawing upon Camus and Sartre to show that KISS is preoccupied with empowering the individual to achieve self-greatness. By contrast, there is a view of KISS which identifies a destroyer” attitude, leading some listeners to reject KISS outright, while encouraging others to become the most dedicated of followers. Yet another view sees KISS’s “letting loose” as essentially Dionysian. Some chapters gain access to KISS thinking by tracing the band’s cultural and historical impact, finding meaning in the way generations of fans make sense of KISS’s always evolving output, the changing line-up, and the archetypal characters represented by the band’s use of make-up and presentation. Other chapters look at the aesthetic quality of the band’s output, especially their most controversial album, Music from The Elder. Several chapters examine KISS’s orientation to bodily pleasures, notably sex, extracting the band’s philosophy of sex and love from different clues and indications. How does KISS’s unashamed indulgence relate to various pleasure-governed ethical systems throughout history? Is getting the most out of pleasure key to living the good life? And does a life of gratifying one’s body ultimately yield fulfillment? What are the limitations and hazards of a pleasure-oriented lifestyle? The biography of band members also provides material for reflection, looking at the nature of forgiveness through the lens of KISS’s notorious feuds, and determining how to reconcile the apparently conflicting accounts of some famous squabbles. The changing line-up of the band raises questions about the meaning of KISS and whether KISS could last forever.”

Queen: All the Songs — The Story Behind Every Track
By Benoît Clerc

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Filled with fascinating photographs (some rarely seen), and juicy behind-the-scenes details, Queen: All the Songs details the unique recording history of the mega-bestselling and hugely influential rock band, album by album and track by track. A lovingly thorough dissection of every album and every song ever released by the beloved rock group, Queen: All the Songs follows Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon from their self-titled debut in 1973 through the untimely passing of Freddie, all the way up to their latest releases and the Oscar-winning film Bohemian Rhapsody. The writing and recording process of each and every track is dissected, discussed, and analyzed by author Benoît Clerc, and page after page features fascinating and sometimes rarely seen images of the band. Queen: All the Songs delves deep into the history and origins of the band and their music. This one-of-a-kind book draws upon decades of research and recounts the circumstances that led to the composition of every song, as well as the recording process, and the instruments used. Featuring hundreds of photographs, including rare black-and-white publicity stills, images of instruments used by the band, and engaging shots of the musicians in-studio, Queen: All the Songs is the must-have book for any true fan of classic rock.”

Right Place, Right Time: The Life of a Rock & Roll Photographer
By Bob Gruen

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Bob Gruen is one of the most well-known and connected photographers in rock ’n’ roll. For almost 50 years, he has documented the music scene in pictures that have captured the world’s attention. Right Place, Right Time is Gruen’s first written account of his winding, adventure-filled journey. He takes us on visits to John and Yoko’s apartment, on a cross-country road trip with the Ike and Tina Turner band, to Glasgow with Debbie Harry, backstage with KISS, inside CBGB, and on the bus as he swaps steel-toed boots with Sid Vicious. In wildly entertaining stories and iconic images, Gruen gives the reader a unique window into the evolution of American music culture over the last five decades.”

The Rolling Stones In the Beginning: With Unseen Images
By Bent Rej

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “From March 1965 to May 1966, photographer Bent Rej enjoyed unparalleled access to The Rolling Stones as one of the trusted inner circle, accompanying the band on its first full European outing: the Satisfaction tour. The Rolling Stones In the Beginning is Rej’s collection of more than 300 intimate photographs of the band on stage, on the road and at home, documenting a year in the life of the Rolling Stones as they enjoyed their first taste of popular success. This new and updated edition contains never-before-seen photographs newly unearthed from Rej’s archive.”

The Art of Jazz: A Visual History
By Alyn Shipton, John Hasse

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Art of Jazz explores how the expressionism and spontaneity of jazz spilled onto its album art, posters, and promotional photography, and even inspired standalone works of fine art. Everyone knows jazz is on the cutting edge of music, but how much do you know about its influence in the visual arts? With album covers that took inspiration from the avant-garde, jazz’s primarily African American musicians and their producers sought to challenge and inspire listeners both musically and visually. Arranged chronologically, each chapter covers a key period in jazz history, from the earliest days of the twentieth century to today’s postmodern jazz. Chapters begin with substantive introductions and present the evolution of jazz imagery in all its forms, mirroring the shifting nature of the music itself. With two authoritative features per chapter and over 300 images, The Art of Jazz is a significant contribution to the literature of this intrepid art form.”

Digging Dave Brubeck and Time Out!
By Alan Goldsher

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Propelled by the unlikely hit Take Five, pianist Dave Brubeck’s 1959 classic Time Out! was the first jazz album to earn platinum status, making it one of only eight platinum records in jazz history. Born as an experiment in time signatures and eclectic musical styles the artist encountered while traveling abroad, Time Out! moved the genre forward and became one of the most influential albums of all time. What was it about this subtle, artsy session that captured the ears of both hardcore jazz fans and casual listeners alike? Why did Brubeck, a bespectacled intellectual who seemingly wasn’t as hip as Miles Davis and John Coltrane, become a legitimate mainstream star in a genre not known for stardom? Author and bassist Alan Goldsher delves into Brubeck’s classic record, examining why the album and the pianist caught the zeitgeist, and measuring its continuing impact on music of all styles. Engaging and informative, Digging Dave Brubeck and Time Out! pays homage to one of the most vital, most enduring recordings in jazz history.”

We Still Here: Hip Hop North of the 49th Parallel
By Charity Marsh &, Mark V. Campbell

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:We Still Here maps the edges of hip-hop culture and makes sense of the rich and diverse ways people create and engage with hip-hop music within Canadian borders. Contributors to the collection explore the power of institutions, mainstream hegemonies, and the processes of historical formation in the evolution of hip-hop culture. Throughout, the volume foregrounds the generative issues of gender, identity, and power, in particular in relation to the Black diaspora and Indigenous cultures. The contributions of artists in the scene are front and centre in this collection, exposing the distinct inner mechanics of Canadian hip hop from a variety of perspectives. By amplifying rarely heard voices within hip-hop culture, We Still Here argues for its power to disrupt national formations and highlights the people and communities who make hip hop happen.”

Step It Up and Go: The Story of North Carolina Popular Music, from Blind Boy Fuller and Doc Watson to Nina Simone and Superchunk
By David Menconi

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “This book is a love letter to the artists, scenes, and sounds defining North Carolina’s extraordinary contributions to American popular music. David Menconi spent three decades immersed in the state’s music, where traditions run deep but the energy expands in countless directions. Menconi shows how working-class roots and rebellion tie North Carolina’s Piedmont blues, jazz, and bluegrass to beach music, rock, hip-hop, and more. From mill towns and mountain coves to college-town clubs and the stage of American Idol, Blind Boy Fuller and Doc Watson to Nina Simone and Superchunk, Step It Up and Go celebrates homegrown music just as essential to the state as barbecue and basketball. Spanning a century of history from the dawn of recorded music to the present, and with sidebars and photos that help reveal the many-splendored glory of North Carolina’s sonic landscape, this is a must-read for every music lover.”

Brithop: The Politics of UK Rap in the New Century
By Justin A. Williams

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With ongoing debates on Scottish independence, immigration, Britain’s place in the EU, multiculturalism, national identity and the specter of a past Empire complicating ethnically-defined notions of “Britishness,” the Kingdom seems far from United. As a cultural force that is often discussed as giving voice to the voiceless and empowering marginalized communities, hip-hop has become a space in which to explore and debate these issues — defining global community while celebrating locality. In Brithop, author Justin A. Williams finds new hope in an often-neglected figure: the British rapper. Through themes of nationalism, history, subculture, politics, humor and identity, Brithop explores multiple forms of politics in rap discourses from Wales, Scotland and England. Featuring rappers and groups such as The Streets, Goldie Lookin Chain, Akala, Lowkey, Stanley Odd, Loki, Speech Debelle, Lady Sovereign, Shadia Mansour, Shay D, Stormzy, Sleaford Mods, Riz MC and Lethal Bizzle, Williams investigates how rappers in the UK respond to the “postcolonial melancholia” of post-Empire Britain. Brithop shows a rich, multifaceted cultural reality reflective of both the postcolonial condition of the UK and the importance of localism within its varying cultures.”

Groove Theory: The Blues Foundation of Funk
By Tony Bolden

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tony Bolden presents an innovative history of funk music focused on the performers, regarding them as intellectuals who fashioned a new aesthetic. Utilizing musicology, literary studies, performance studies, and African American intellectual history, Bolden explores what it means for music, or any cultural artifact, to be funky. Multitudes of African American musicians and dancers created aesthetic frameworks with artistic principles and cultural politics that proved transformative. Bolden approaches the study of funk and black musicians by examining aesthetics, poetics, cultural history, and intellectual history. The study traces the concept of funk from early blues culture to a metamorphosis into a full-fledged artistic framework and a named musical genre in the 1970s, and thereby Bolden presents an alternative reading of the blues tradition. In Part 1 of this two-part book, Bolden undertakes a theoretical examination of the development of funk and the historical conditions in which black artists reimagined their music. In Part 2, he provides historical and biographical studies of key funk artists, all of whom transfigured elements of blues tradition into new styles and visions. Funk artists, like their blues relatives, tended to contest and contextualize racialized notions of blackness, sexualized notions of gender, and bourgeois notions of artistic value. Funk artists displayed contempt for the status quo and conveyed alternative stylistic concepts and social perspectives through multimedia expression. Bolden argues that on this road to cultural recognition, funk accentuated many of the qualities of black expression that had been stigmatized throughout much of American history.”

Music’s Cult Artists
By John Riordan

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Featuring 100 of the coolest artists from the last five decades, A Guide to Music’s Cult Artists reveals the influencers and tastemakers who have helped to shape the contemporary music scene. Award-winning illustrator and comic artist John Riordan profiles cult musicians from genres including punk, indie, alternative, hip-hop, and electronic music. Not only does John create amazing illustrations, he also outlines key works from the artists and provides engaging trivia to accompany each entry. Enlightening, often amusing, and always stunning to look at, A Guide to Music’s Cult Artists is a unique blend of the esthetic and the acoustic and is an essential addition to any music fan’s collection.”