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Now Hear This: Fooks Nihil | Fooks Nihil

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Fooks Nihil are the band that suddenly came from out of nowhere — and that you surely wouldn’t expect to be from Hessen, Germany. Already, they have spread their West Coast sound all across their home country to establish a small fan base of connoisseurs.

Originally they started playing their own songs acoustically and created their tapestry of sound with the harmony vocals of their three voices. After a while, as the venues grew bigger, the switch to electrically amplified instruments and a larger drum set seemed very coherent.

The influence of bands like Crosby Stills & Nash, Neil Young, The Byrds and all the rest of Beat Music, Americana, Folk and also Rock in their whole world of creativity became increasingly important. The band manages very well to take the essence out of those influences, to create a very unique and powerful mixture of beautiful songs and crispy energetic tunes that sort of shiver sideways of what you’re used to hearing. What you get is a throwback to a peaceful summer festival in the late ’60s in San Francisco at the peak of what you call music culture.

It took another while to record the band’s debut album, and a small record label that has been happy to witness their live performances several times before is now very excited to release this maidenly work. The self-titled album was recorded by long-term friend and sound engineer Christoph Müller (Suzan Köcher, Blackberries, Okta Logue) at Lotte Linderberg Studios, FFM/Germany. For mixing and mastering, Fooks Nihil utilized Glenn Brigmann in L.A./California (Triptides). So the debut is the result of an American-German-friendship. It connects two worlds and is just the perfect record to make people listen, be together, talk, drink and enjoy its beauty.”