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Next Week in Music | Oct. 5-11 • The Long List: 530 Releases On The Way

All the music heading your way in the coming days — and then some.

Another week, another 500 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations and vinyl reissues to add to the backlog of releases clogging up my hard drive and brain. Read ’em and weep:



Gracie Abrams | Minor | Ep Vinyl
Action Painting! | Trial Cuts Vinyl
Adelphi Music Factory | Cuba (Remixes)
A House in the Trees | Farewell EP
Aix Em Klemm | Aix Em Klemm Vinyl
Petri Alanko & Martin Stig Andersen | Control Vinyl
Alka | Regarding the Auguries
Ras Allah | Showcase Vinyl
Luther Allison | Hand Me Down My Moonshine Vinyl
Almost Monday | Don’t Say You’re Ordinary EP
Anthelion | Re:Awaken EP
Anteloper | Tour Beats Vol. 1 Vinyl
Aortarota | Toilet EP
A.O.T.M. | Negative Exposure
Arcadian Child | Protopsycho
The Archies | The Archies Picture Disc
Giardino Armonico II | Musica Barocca | Baroque Masterpieces Vinyl
Ascension of the Watchers | Apocrypha
Ashnikko | Demidevil
Ash Ra Tempel | Gin Rose Vinyl
Shogun Assason (Hue Glockman) | Target Practice 3: Shotz Fired
Juni Ata | Saudade Vinyl
Atrocity | Todessehnsucht Vinyl
Kylie Auldist | This Is What Happiness Looks Like Vinyl
Automatism | Immersion Vinyl
Alexia Avina | Unearth
Aziz | Azeezus Deluxe: Days After Azeezus
Romain Azzaro | La Vita Non E Un Film Vinyl
Ben Babbitt / Bedquilt Ramblers | Kentucky Route Zero Vinyl
Bahamas | Sad Hunk
Ball Of Light | Ball Of Light Vinyl
Teller Bank$ | The Grotesque & Beautiful by Teller Bank$
Bao | Perpetual Heartbreak
Barcelonia | Wonderland
Martin Barre | Rarities Vinyl
Batmobile | Big Bat: Their Classic Hits With Horns Added! Vinyl
Battle Dagorath | Abyss Horizons Vinyl
Jam Baxter / Lee Scott | Happy Hour At The Super Fun Time Party Dome Megamix 4000 Vinyl
Bbno$ | [Untitled]
Bee Bee Sea | Day Ripper
Andy Bell | The View From Halfway Down
Lou Berry | Inner World
Between The Buried And Me | Alaska Vinyl
Mera Bhai | Futureproofing EP
Black Communion | Miasmic Monstrosity
Black Sabbath | Paranoid Super Deluxe Edition
Lewis Black | Thanks For Risking Your Life
Bloodbather | Silence EP
Blue Öyster Cult | The Symbol Remains
Bo and The Locomotive | Everything Was Wild
Mark Boals and Ring of Fire | All the Best!
Body Language | Travel Guide
Body Magic | Sequin Dream
The Bookends | Calliope Vinyl
Bootblacks | Thin Skies
Bottler | Grow
Boy Pablo | Rest Up Vinyl
Boyracer | Fling Yr Bonnet Over The Windmill Vinyl
Boyracer | On A Promise Vinyl
Boys Noize | Mvinline Vinyl
Brothers Osborne | Skeletons
Brudini | From Darkness, Light
Carla Bruni | Carla Bruni
The Budos Band | Long in the Tooth
Buffalo Tom | Birdbrain 30th Anniversary Edition
Mojo Buford | Mojo Workin’ Vinyl
Caffiends | 4 Way Split Vinyl
Calibro 35 | Calibro 35 Vinyl
Wanessa Camargo | Universo Invertido
Canedy | Warrior Vinyl
Can I Say | Flood Vinyl
Cardioid | Fantasy Metal EP
Cepeda | Con Los Pies En El Suelo
Captain Beyond | Lost & Found 1972-1973 Picture Disc
Cardiac Arrest | Day That Death Prevailed Vinyl
Catastrophe | Gong Vinyl
Ceschi and DJ Scientist | The One Man Band Broke Up Deluxe Edition
Alex Chilton | Like Flies On Sherbert Vinyl
Dominic Chin | License to Cry EP
Drew Citron | Free Now
CNJR | I Can See The Church Burning Through The Binoculars
Coastlands | Death
Colour Haze | We Are Vinyl
John Coltrane | A Love Supreme Vinyl
John Coltrane | Ballads Vinyl
Concrete Castles | Playsound
Joey Cool | Coolie High
Copyright / Song Williamson | He Is Vinyl
Cousin Betty | Drone
Crippled Black Phoenix | Ellengæst
Crystal Spiders | Molt Vinyl
Culk | Zerstreuen Über Euch
Cut Worms | Nobody Lives Here Anymore
Darlingside | Fish Pond Fish
Dennis Davison | The Book of Strongman
Dawn (던) | DawnDidiDawn
D-Block Europe | The Blue Print: Us Vs. Them
Dead Famous People | Harry
The Deathray Davies | The Kick And The Snare Reissue
Lewis Del Mar | August Vinyl
Omy De Oro | ERDP
Desvariados | Victimas Del Sueno Americano Vinyl
DevilDriver | Dealing With Demons Vol. 1
DGM | Tragic Separation
Pose Dia | Front View
Paul Dianno | A Metal Tribute To Van Halen Vinyl
Florencia Di Concilio | Calamity: A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary Soundtrack
Dire Straits | The Studio Albums 1978-1991
Dirty Art Club | Gardens Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | Absent Friends Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | A Short Album About Love Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | Bang Goes The Knighthood Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | Casanova Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | Fin De Siecle Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | Liberation Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | Promenade Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | Regeneration Vinyl
The Divine Comedy | Victory For The Comic Muse Vinyl
Dogs at Large | Jeopardy
The Doors | Morrison Hotel: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Dotaki | Mantra Vol. 2
Down By Law | Revolution Time Vinyl
Draag | Covers EP
Patrick Droney | State of the Heart EP
Brit Drozda | Seashells & Stories
Dysylumn | Cosmogonie
The Early Sixes | Chase the Sun
Nah Eeto | Auntie, What Happened To Me? Vinyl
The Electric Family | Echoes Don’t Lie Vinyl
Elusive | Horizons
Emel | The Tunis Diaries
Emmy The Great | April / 月音
Empress | Premonition
Endzustand | Werk des Krieges
Anabel Englund | Messing With Magic
Esoteric | Egoclapper Vinyl
Evaporated Sores | Ulcerous Dimensions Vinyl
Even As We Speak | Feral Pop Frenzy 25th Anniversary Edition
Every Hour Kills | Re​:​Awaken
Exhalants | Atonement Vinyl
Eye of the Destroyer | The Wolf You Feed EP
The Fate of Socrates | Question Everything
Feid | Bahia Ducati
Fielded | Demisexual Lovelace
La Fin | The Endless Inertia
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald | Love Valley
Five Finger Death Punch | A Decade of Destruction, Volume 2
Fluppe | Billstedt EP
Foals | Collected Reworks Vol. 3
45 Grave | Sleep In Safety Vinyl
Foul Body Autopsy | Consumed By Black Thoughts EP
Freezepop | Fantasizer
Arp Frique | Menina Bem Li EP
Frostvore | Drowned By Blood Vinyl
Ka Fu | The Heretic
Yoshino Fujimal | Yoshino Fujimal Vinyl
Furnace | Dark Vistas
Future Islands | As Long As You Are
Rory Gallagher | The Best of Rory Gallagher
Ron Gallo | Peacemeal
Maalem Mahmoud Gania | Aicha
Garcia Peoples | Nightcap at Wits’ End
Gargoyl | Gargoyl
Get Dead | Dancing With The Curse Vinyl
Giacomelli | Cosmic Order
Maeve Gilchrist | The Harpweaver
Payroll Giovanni | Spirit of a Boss
Howard Gladstone | The Promise
Tyree Glenn Jr. | Superbad: The Best Of Tyree Glenn Jr. Vinyl
Global Charming | Mediocre
Goat | Commune Vinyl
The Goodbye Party | Beautiful Motors
Teddie Gold | Vol. 2 EP
The Goodbye Party | ‎Beautiful Motors
Hannah Grace | Remedy
Barry Gray | Thunderbirds Vinyl
Great Peacock | Forever Worse Better
Grey Factor | The Perils of Popularity
Rachel Grimes | The Way Forth Instrumentals EP
Grnhll | Underground
Gunn-Truscinski Duo | Soundkeeper
Happy Place | Tendrils Vinyl
Headie One | Edna
Hellripper | The Affair of the Poisons
Helion Prime | Question Everything
Izzy Heltai | Father
Darrel William Herbert | An Unwelcome Moment of Clarity
Hess | Lamplight Motel
Rocky Hill | Lone Star Legend Vinyl
Holy Death Trio | Bad Vibrations Single
Holy Roller Baby | Frenzy
Horrible Earth | Discography 2013 – 2019
Horrid Red | Radiant Life Vinyl
House Of Harm | Vicious Pastimes Vinyl
Noah Howard | Live In Europe Vol. 1 Vinyl
Andrew Huang | Monster
Hundredth | Somewhere Nowhere
IC-17 | Miscellaneous
I’m Kingfisher | The Past Has Begun
Implicit Doom | Implicit Doom
Incinerate | Sacrilegivm
Indigoworld | Fold EP
In Earnest | In Earnest EP
Inferi | Of Sunless Realms
Infiltration | Point Black Transmission
Invernoir | The Void And The Unbearable Loss
Iron Maiden | Iron Maiden 40th Anniversary Vinyl Picture Disc
Isenmor | Shieldbrother
Jeremy Ivey | Waiting Out The Storm
Jaco | Dose
Jeen | Jeen
Jeff The Brotherhood | Gremlins Vol. 1 Vinyl
Jim and Sam | Songs From After So Many Days
Joesef | Does It Make You Feel Good?
Joensuu 1685 | ÖB
Johansson & Speckmann | The Germs of Circumstance
Joohoney | Psyche
Josh Johnson | Freedom Exercise
Howard Jones | Cross That Line Vinyl
Memphis Jone$ & K-Mart | Love Letters Single
Josef | Does It Make U Feel Good? EP
Tom Joshua | Undergrowth EP
Joyclub | Just A Dream
Juga-Naut X Micall Parknsun | Twelve Bricks
Juice Wrld | Legends Never Die Vinyl
Julie Et Joe | Marelle Vinyl
Antony Kalugin | Marshmallow Moondust
Kathleen | Kathleen II EP
Bastien Keb | The Killing of Eugene Peeps
Ian Daniel Kehoe | Rock & Roll Illusion Reissue
Kiiara | Lil Kiiwi
Killswitch Engage | Killswitch Engage Vinyl
King Grubb | Droopy Vinyl
King Kobra | The Lost Years Vinyl
King Parrot | Holed Up In The Lair
King’s College Choir Cambridge | Handel: Messiah Vinyl
Paddy Kingsland | Doctor Who: The Visitation Vinyl
Kliffs | Bully EP
Kodiak Island | The Amber Road
Dave Koz | A New Day
Kraftwerk | Autobahn Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Computerwelt Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Computer World Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Die Mensch-Maschine Vinyl
Kraftwerk | The Man-Machine Vinyl
Kraftwerk | The Mix (German) Vinyl
Kraftwerk | The Mix Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Radio-Activität Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Radio-Activity Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Techno Pop (German) Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Techno Pop Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Tour De France Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Trans Europe Express (German) Vinyl
Kraftwerk | Trans Europe Express Vinyl
Kronos Quartet | Long Time Passing: Kronos Quartet and Friends Celebrate Pete Seeger
Luke Krutzke and the High Tides | Tony, Tony EP
K-Wash | Feels So Good
Lagoss | Imaginary Island Music Vol​.​1: Canary Islands
Travis Laplante & Yarn/Wire | Inner Garden
Laraaji | Moon Piano
Las | 1985-1986: Breakloose Vinyl
Mary Lattimore | Silver Ladders
Damian Lazarus | Flourish Vinyl
Lecrae | Restoration Vinyl
Legendry | Heavy Metal Adventure Vinyl
John Lennon | Gimme Some Truth. The Ultimate Mixes
Lil Mosquito Disease | Infestation
Lil Poppa Evergreen Wildchild 2 Deluxe
Lil Tracy | Designer Talk 2
Linaire | Linaire
Linkin Park | Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition
Lama Lobsang Palden & Jim Becker | Compassion
Longfield & Super Skeleton | Constantly Bitter
Loose Behaviour | 4 Songs In North Carolina Vinyl
David Lord | Forest Standards Vol. 2
Lore City | Alchemical Task
Jaclyn Lovey | Half Past Noon
Lucent & Buggsy | Originate
Lucia & The Best Boys | The State Of Things EP
Lucki | Almost There Vinyl
Lupin | Lupin
The Lurkers | Sex Crazy
Machinedrum | A View of U
Madhattan × Robert Deniro | San Gennaro
Mako / Mr Bristow | Stank Soul Edits Vol. 6 Vinyl
Malevolent Creation | Australian Onslaught Vinyl
Mama Ode | Tales & Patterns Of The Maroons Vinyl
The Manges | Punk Rock Addio Vinyl
Manila | Let Love Confine EP
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Catnip Dynamite Vinyl
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Glamping Vinyl
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. | Land Of Pure Imagination Vinyl
EJ Marais | Cuts Vinyl
Marduk | World Funeral: Jaws Of Hell MMIII
Desiderii Marginis | Departed Vinyl
Margot | Make It Last EP
Marillion | Live From Cadogan Hall Vinyl
Matty | Dejavu Vinyl
Donna Maya | Lost Spaces: Detroit Vinyl
Angie McMahon | Piano Salt Vinyl
Karen Meat | You’re An Ugly Person Vinyl
Nicolas Merz | God Won’t Save You, But I Will
Ayalew Mesfin | Tewedije Limut (Let Me Die Loved)
The Messenger Birds | Everything Has to Fall Apart Eventually
Metz | Atlas Vending
Ron Miles | Rainbow Sign
Anthony Mills | Drankin Songs Of The Midwest Vinyl
Mint Field | Sentimiento Mundial Vinyl
Mise En Scene | Winnipeg, California
M’lumbo and Jane Ira Bloom | Celestial Mechanics
Monolord | No Comfort Vinyl
Marilyn Monroe | Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend | 60th Anniversary Picture Disc
Mooner | The Alternate Universe of Love
Gary Moore | Live From London Vinyl
Ennio Morricone | Alla Scoperta Dell’america Vinyl
Ennio Morricone | Viaggio Con Anita Vinyl
Simon Moullier | Spirit Song Vinyl
Mrs. Piss | Self-Surgery Vinyl
Peter Mulvey with SistaStrings | Live at the Cafe Carpe
The Munsters | The Munsters Vinyl
Myth | Long Time Coming EP
Mika Nakashima | Joker
Neànder | Eremit
Necrodeath | Neraka Vinyl
Necrophobic | Dawn of The Damned
The New Empire | Second Life
Tawny Newsome and Bethany Thomas | Material Flats
Noitatalid | Furies in the Steppes from Russia
No / Más | Raiz Del Mal Vinyl
Non Duo | In Your Eyes
Tate Norio | Samurai Shodown: The Definitive Soundtrack Vinyl
Normil Hawaiians | In The Stone / Where Is Living Vinyl
North Americans | Roped In
Nowaah The Flood & EL Maryacho | Dope Money
Nubo | Nu Vision
Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw | Fantasias for Violin & Guitar
Ocean Gates | Ocean Gates
Okan | Espiral
Olamidé | Carpe Diem
Only Now x Orogen | Avuls
Taeko Onuki | Sunshower Vinyl
Ooberfuse | Tears Can Only Sting
Abigail Ory | Don’t Mind Me EP
Ozric Tentacles | Space For The Earth
Lama Lobsang Palden & Jim Becker | Compassion
Palila | Tomorrow I’ll Come Visit You And Return Your Records
Pan Amsterdam | Ha Chu Vinyl
Pan-Pot Vs Motion Unit | My Mind Remixes Vinyl
Paper Tapes | Homecoming EP
Papoose | Endangered Species
Paradise Cinema | Paradise Cinema
Arlo Parks | Super Sad Generation Vinyl
Paul Paul | Good Times Vinyl
J. Pavone String Ensemble | Lost & Found
RJ Payne | He’s A Fuckin Animal
Peach Kelli Pop | Lucky Star
Penny & Sparrow | Live In Texas, 2019 Vinyl
Penny Penny | Yogo Yogo Vinyl
Pere Ubu | The Tenement Year Vinyl
Petey | Checkin’ Up On Buds EP
Antoine Pierre | Suspended Vinyl
Pine Barons | Mirage On the Meadow
Pinky Doodle Poodle | Are You Ready Vinyl
Pirvu | Vinyl
Pleasurekraft | Love In The Age Of Machines Vinyl
Pls Pls | Too Late EP
Polaris | The Death Of Me Vinyl
Polaris | This Mortal Coil Vinyl
Pop Smoke | Meet The Woo 2 Vinyl
Christopher Port | Ritual Music EP
Pride of Lions | Lion Heart
Profit Prison | Dreams Of A Dark Building Vinyl
Protagonists | 1983-1985 Vinyl
Mistura Pura | The Blue Bus Vinyl
Sun Ra Arkestra | A Song For The Sun
Radiant Knife | The Ghost EP
Raging Nathans | Live From Wonkfest Vinyl
Rago | Internet Mix 14-20
Suzy Ragsdale | Ghost Town
Dizzee Rascal | E3 AF
Raticus | Street Corner Diaries
The Razorcuts | World Keeps Turning Vinyl
Reason | New Beginnings
Ailbhe Reddy | Personal History Vinyl
Red Rum Club | Hollow Of Humdrum Vinyl
Renard | Waking Up In a Different World
The Replacements | Pleased To Meet Me Deluxe Edition
Repuked | Dawn of Reintoxication
Resonance | #TheResistance
Revelino | Revelino Vinyl
R.I.P. | Dead End
Rittz | Picture Perfect
Selena Rosanbalm | Selena Rosanbalm
RoSaWay | Dreamer EP
Jeff Russo | Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Soundtrack Vinyl
Ryan And Pony | Moshi Moshi Vinyl
RYDYR | These Things Always Change EP
Ustad Saami | Pakistan Is for the Peaceful
Sade | This Far Box Set
Salem’s Childe | The Sin That Saves You
Sanctuary | Into the Mirror Black 30th Anniversary Edition
Evie Sands | Get Out Of Your Own Way Vinyl
Sarchasm | Sarchasm
Scaphoid | Absent Passages
Lindsay Schoolcraft | Worlds Away
Schwefelgelb | Der Puls durch die Schläfen
Vân Scott | Starry Eyed Single
Seablite | High Rise Mannequins Vinyl
Seized Up | Brace Yourself
Ron Sexsmith | Ron Sexsmith 25th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Bill Shakes | Eh? Vinyl
E.Z. Shakes | The Spirit
Shhe | Re:
Papi Shiitake | Quarantine Dream EP
Shit & Shine | Malibu Liquor Store
Shock | Electrophonic Funk Vinyl
Ellen Siberian | Cinderblock Cindy
Sasha Siem | Holy Vinyl
Sigue Sigue Sputnik | Flaunt It Box Set
Sinner’s Blood | The Mirror Star
Skáld | Vikings Memories
Sleep Well | Graduation Party
Sløtface | Slumber Tapes
Slow Pulp | Moveys
Smith & Myers | Smith & Myers Volume 1
Patty Smyth | It’s About Time
Jon Snodgrass | Tace
Tom Snowdon | Channel
Sondi Sodsai | Sei Donne Per L’assassino Vinyl
Sofheso | Record Vinyl
Soledad | Parte de Mi
Sorry Eric | It’s Okay
Hēran Soun | Undeaf
Glim Spanky | Walking on Fire
Melvin Sparks | I’m Funky Now Vinyl
Speaker Face | Crescent
Spires That In The Sunset Rise | Psychic Oscillations
Stardust | Highway to Heartbreak
Status Quo | Spare Parts: Mono & Stereo Vinyl
Steve & Teresa | Catching A Wave Vinyl
Stinger J | Pretty Face EP
Stone Foundation | Is Love Enough Vinyl
The Stone Roses | Remixes Vinyl
Street Justice & 38 Spesh | Community Service
Suicide of Society | War Investment
Leila Sunier | If Only to Bleed Out the White Noise EP
Supercrush | Sodo Pop
Swan Prince | Hell On Earth Vinyl
Horace Tapscott | Live At Lacma 1998 Vinyl
Tears For Fears | The Seeds of Love 30ty Anniversary Edition
Teddy & The Tigers | Boppin’ Vinyl
Teenage Waitress | Love & Chemicals Vinyl
Tenderlonious | Quarantena Vinyl
Ten Foot Pole | Simmer Down
Teramaze | I Wonder
Texture Droite | Vibrant Pixel
Tibbs | Damaged Heart / Ball And Chain Vinyl
James Tillman | Modern Desires
Mina Tindle | Sister
Ting Tang Tina | Honeybee Vinyl
Touché Amoré | Lament
Trapboy Freddy | Big Trap
Travis | 10 Songs
Rian Treanor | File Under Uk Metaplasm Vinyl
Trippie Redd | Pegasus
The Troops Of Doom | The Rise of Heresy EP
Tullamarine | Stratosphere EP
The Twilight Tone | The Clearing
The Twilite Tone | The Clearing Vinyl
Two Feet | Pink Vinyl
Ultramarine | Folk Vinyl
Ultravox | Vienna Deluxe Edition
Thee Unemployed | Late Night Disco EP
The Unguided | Father Shadow
Univore | Sympathetic Vibrations
Unleashed | Hammer Battalion Vinyl
Townes Van Zandt | Somebody Had To Write It Vinyl
Various Artists | Detroit A-Go-Go Vinyl
Various Artists | 80’s Album Vinyl
Various Artists | Headin’ For The Christmas Ball: 14 Swing And R&B Christmas Crooners Vinyl
Various Artists | Hot Sauce V.1 Vinyl
Various Artists | Interpretations Of Web Web Vinyl
Various Artists | JEM Records Celebrates John Lennon
Various Artists | Jobcentre Rejects Vol. 3 | Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1978-1983
Various Artists | Kaleidoscope: New Spirits Known And Unknown Vinyl
Various Artists | The Return Of The Living Dead Vinyl
Various Artists | Ronnie Herel Presents Neo Soul Sessions Vol. 1
Various Artists | Rough Guide To African Beats Vinyl
Various Artists | Rough Guide To Spiritual India Vinyl
Various Artists | The ‘Sound’ of the R&B Hits
Various Artists | Typical Girls Vinyl
Various Artists | Typical Girls 2 Vinyl
Various Artists | Typical Girls 3 Vinyl
Various Artists | Typical Girls 4 Vinyl
Various Artists | Typical Girls 5 Vinyl
Venom Prison | Primeval
Verbal Kent & The Other Guys | The Blade of The Short Cut
Vérité | New Limbs: Volume 1
Vhäldemar | Straight to Hell
Rick Vito | Lucky in Love: The Best of Rick Vito
Void Rot | Descending Pillars Vinyl
Lamia Vox | Alles Ist Ufer. Ewig Ruft Das Meer Vinyl
Lamia Vox | Sigillum Diaboli Vinyl
Jessie Wagner | Shoes Droppin
Loudon Wainwright III | I’d Rather Lead a Band
Wake | Nine Ways Vinyl
Kim Walker-Smith | Wild Heart Vinyl
Warlung | Optical Delusion
Curtis Waters | Pity Party
Wei | Identity: First Sight
Weki Meki | New Rules
Josh Werner | Mode For Titan
Whoresnation | Mephitism Vinyl
Kim Wilson | Take Me Back! The Bigtone Sessions
K. Trevor Wilson | Christmas With A K Vinyl
Winning Streak | Whichever Path You Take Remixed & Remastered
Wishbone Ash | Live At Rockpalast 1976 Vinyl
Witch | Introduction Vinyl
WJSN Chocome | Hmph!
Woodluck | Collateral EP
Al Wootton | JL Single
Wreck-Defy | Skin
Wren | Groundswells Vinyl
Robert Wyatt | His Greatest Misses Vinyl
Yatra | All Is Lost
Year of October | Wastelands
Yo La Tengo | Sleepless Night EP
Youngblood Hawke | Edge of the World
Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad | Marcos Valle Vinyl
Zacherle | Zacherle’s Monster Gallery Vinyl
Zao | All Else Failed: 25th Anniversary Edition
Zao | Preface: Early Recordings 1995-1996
Zion Train | Great Sporting Moments In Dub Vinyl
Mat Zo | Illusion of Depth