Indie Roundup | 41 Tracks To Get You Ready For Friday

Rachel Lark, Moontower, Local Natives, Aaron Frazer & more Thursday thrills.

Rachel Lark gives you a preview of the near future, Moontower hit the lights, Local Natives let you into their colourful garden, Aaron Frazer shares some bad news and more in your Thursday Roundup. Are you ready for Friday? I sure am.



1 | Rachel Lark | The World’s Really Fucked But This Show Will Be Pretty Good

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Oakland-based singer/songwriter Rachel Lark is back with a presciently comedic single and video, The World’s Really Fucked But This Show Will Be Pretty Good. Featuring toilet paper thrones and an upbeat soundtrack to the apocalypse, it is the second offering from Lark’s new EP Sex and Balances, out Sept. 25. “I hope the video can create a moment of catharsis for viewers, especially those in the West dealing with these climate change driven fires,” Rachel said. “I want to make people feel inspired to not give up and keep fighting, not only for our future, but also for our present, because it just feels better to be part of a movement than to be isolated.”

2 | Moontower | Hit The Lights

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Three piece indie-electronic outfit Moontower is here with their latest single Hit The Lights, the focus track of their 2020 EP What Day Is it? Fresh off the heels of a successful collaboration single Guess I’m Jaded w/ Goldroom and subsequent RAC-fronted remix package, quarantine has not slowed Moontower.”

3 | Local Natives | Statues In The Garden (Arras)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Local Natives release, Statues In The Garden (Arras), alongside a psychedelic animated music video by Jamie K Wolfe. Arras refers to the town in France where the song was first demoed. Its swirling, intricate arrangement frames the depiction of someone reconciling changes in themselves with a world that is also constantly changing.”

4 | Aaron Frazer | Bad News

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Aaron Frazer, the co-lead vocalist and drummer of Durand Jones & The Indications, debuts a new single/video, Bad News. Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Bad News is a song with a message in the key of Gil Scott-Heron. “I wrote Bad News last November, originally as a song about climate change — a threat that feels so big, so existential, that sometimes it’s easier for us to just look away,” says Frazer. “But today, I think it’s taken on a new meaning. It’s become a song that gives voice to the things everybody is experiencing right now: isolation, and figuring out how to get through our daily life in the face of relentless bad news.”

5 | Kojaque | Shmelly

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Kojaque has dropped the new single Shmelly. His first new material of 2020, the track is accompanied by a video directed by Kojaque and collaborator Sam McGrath. Shmelly has the feel of a brand new chapter for Kojaque – albeit one on his own, totally unique terms (as he explains: “Kwes had given me his laptop one night on tour with slowthai and I came across the beat. I put it on my phone and wrote the whole tune the day we got off tour. The beat felt real eerie and chaotic and I think shit felt really turbulent for me at the time: the tour was an intense experience and I had spent the previous four months sleepin’ on couches around London looking for a gaff. All the while I was trying to make the album and just figure out what I was doing with myself.”

6 | Cayley Thomas | Do it All With You

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Edmonton’s Cayley Thomas recently produced, directed, styled and edited a very sweet video during isolation with the help of her partner/collaborator Connor for her new song Do It All With You. Says Cayley, “I have wanted to do a dance video for YEARS and this particular song seemed like the perfect opportunity to incorporate some vaudeville / soft shoe type choreography. I put out a call to friends in the theatre community that I was looking to hire a choreographer. Chelsea reached out and it was an immediate yes for me. We worked on the choreography over Zoom for about a week and a half week or so prior to the shoot. We both talked about it being a total lifeline project when all of our other creative engagements had been cancelled. We ‘accidentally’ filmed it on the hottest day of the summer and promptly jumped in the lake afterwards.”

7 | Welshly Arms | Save Me From The Monster In My Head

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Alternative-rock band Welshly Arms release the official music video for their new single Save Me From The Monster In My Head, a song that was written about anxiety, fear, stress and all of the emotions that a lot of the world is going through right now. Save Me From The Monster In My Head was written in a storm of anxiety,” Sam Getz, lead singer of Welshly Arms, says. “I realized I couldn’t save me from myself, the combination of stress and my fears became too much to talk myself down from. There’s nothing rational about those thoughts when they start spinning out of control, but they often feel more real than anything else in the world. It’s OK to ask for help. I would say that it’s brave to ask for help.”

8 | Lykantropi | Kom Ta Mig Ut

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish psychedelic folk rock collective Lykantropi unveil a video for Kom Ta Mig Ut, by way of the band’s stirring Tales To Be Told full-length, set for release Nov. 6. A band characterized by the occultism of the ’60s and ’70s, Lykantropi’s music is both spiritual and dynamic. Occultism clearly shines through on the title track which is inspired by the romantic vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive. Östlund notes, “Ever since I was little, I have watched horror movies. I recorded them on VHS when they were on TV and watched them almost too many times afterwards. One summer, black and white classics were broadcasted with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. I still like horror movies very much; Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula from the ’90s is still a favorite.” Adds bassist Tomas Eriksson, “The song Kom Ta Mig Ut is so damn good and sweet. I love that it has several different parts that blend together.”


9 | Burning Witches | The Circle Of Five

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Feel the power of the mighty coven! Swiss heavy metal band Burning Witches have released a music video for their brand new single Circle of Five. The ladies conquered the studio and recorded this new masterpiece accompanied by their new lead guitarist Larissa, who joined them a few weeks ago. Romana comments: “We are hungry for action and are proud to present you this new song that reflects the band pretty well: it’s a bit freaky — high on gain and shows that we are a strong unit again! This way we can go through good and bad times together! Larissa shows you here why she is the perfect person to play lead axe for us — please give her a warm welcome, she deserves the very best! And now enjoy this new riff-monster Circle of Five!”

10 | Sepultura | Guardians Of Earth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brazilian Metal Giant Sepultura have launched their environmentally conscious video for Guardians of Earth in collaboration with Amazon Frontlines, a non-profit organization based in the Upper Amazon that leverages technology, legal advocacy, and movement building to support indigenous peoples to defend their rights to land, life, and cultural survival in the rainforest. The lyrics of the song were inspired when Derrick Green came across their Instagram page : “The images of the fight and struggle of various Indigenous tribes, whose existence is under threat as they defend one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems, were very touching and upsetting. Not only are Indigenous peoples being murdered but their rainforest territories are being burned and polluted at an alarming rate. The movement is inspirational and I felt that their voices needed to be heard loudly.”

11 | Dry Kill Logic | Don’t See Ghosts

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New York metal outfit Dry Kill Logic returned with the hard-hitting new single Don’t See Ghosts. The track stays true to the band’s masterful blend of nu-metal and metallic hardcore that has captivated fans over their 25-year career. Don’t See Ghosts flows through Cliff Rigano’s deep, soaring vocals cut between heavy breakdowns and top-shelf guitar shredding. Lyrically, the track is meant to conjure interpretations from each individual listener, creating a more personal attachment to the song. Rigano says: “We’ve always tried to write songs that come from a personal place, but frame them in a way that can be interpreted to mean something different and unique to each listener. Don’t See Ghosts was recorded last year … After looking at the lyrics recently, the song actually started to mean something different to us as well, and we realized that this was the right time to put it out.”

12 | Lee Paradise | Message To The Past

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Lee Paradise — a moniker for Daniel Lee — is based out of Toronto and known for his work as part of Hooded Fang and psych-pop group Phèdre. His first single Message To The Past arrives today, ahead of his sophomore record The Fink. Message To The Past pulls on these dark electronic grooves which are tied into a buzzing, head-nodding trance — in Lee’s own words, he wanted to make this album as “an emo record with music as medicine to distract the mind like a drug” and to accomplish that, he wanted it to “sound like a wasteland where the sun doesn’t shine and humans have long ceased to be relevant beyond contributing to their own self-destruction.”

13 | Health | Cyberpunk

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Health announced Disco4 :: Part I, a new album out on Oct. 16 collating all of the astonishing collaborations the LA-based band have released since 2017, alongside three new ones with 100 gecs, The Soft Moon and Brothel, and also a new single, Cyberpunk Health explain, “In the past, each LP has been accompanied by a corresponding remix record. This time, despite being called Disco4 in the interest of continuity, we offer you a collection of original collaborations with artists we admire. Also, Fuck 2020.”

14 | Madisyn Whajne | Killing Desire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Madisyn Whajne reveals Killing Desire, the second single to be taken from her forthcoming album Save Our Hearts, out on Nov. 18. “Killing Desire is a punk song at heart,” says Madisyn. “It turned into a fierce but dreamy indie pop song about finding hope when all seemed lost. In between the lines there is lust and desire, a love and a loss; pulling someone in closer but ultimately walking away. I am inspired from bands like The Go’s Go’s and The Vaccines; but like most songs, it took on a life of its own. The video was shot in the back alleys of Toronto and at E5 studios in the west end of the city. It was a two person crew so we had fun and made the best of things!”

15 | Makeout | Home

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Pop-punk phenoms Makeout have dropped a music video for their soaring track Home (their first song with new frontman Kyle Dee and bassist AJ Khah. Dee and Khah join founding members Tyler Young (lead guitar) and Scott Eckel (drums) for a more mature-sounding yet still super melodic new version of Makeout which should make longtime fans super stoked. Kyle says, “Home is my first song and video release with the band. We co-wrote the song with Jayden Seeley and it was produced by Matt Holmes with some help from Travis Barker and Matt Malpass. We knew right away that we loved the track and the reception from our fans has been great so when it came time to do the video we wanted to make sure we did something different.”

16 | Emily Kuhn | Roses

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Chicago-based trumpet player Emily Kuhn’s debut album Sky Stories is a celebration of Chicago’s natural beauty and its diverse musical communities. The album brings Kuhn’s lyrical compositional voice together with some of the most innovative musicians from the jazz, classical, Latin, folk, and world music scenes in the city, weaving diverse musical threads into a lush soundscape that floats freely between improvisation and orchestration. The album features two bands: Helios, a chamber jazz nonet made up of a string quartet, vocals, trumpet, saxophone, bass, and drums, and Kuhn/Suihkonen/Friedman/Ernst, an improvising jazz quartet with two trumpets, bass, and drums.”

17 | Pillow Queens | Liffey

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With their debut album In Waiting due for release on Sept. 25, Pillow Queens have collaborated with Dublin visual artist David Balfe to create a unique accompaniment for the album’s song Liffey. The band reached out to their fans, friends and family and asked them to submit photos of themselves. Balfe then incorporated these hundreds of self-portraits to create his stunning visuals. Talking about the project he comments: “The whole thing for me is this video being an effort to maximise direct engagement with fans (which I think is a beautiful thing to do and also really beneficial) and it just seemingly being impossible to make films at the moment if you’re adhering to the guidelines in place. I think this kind of video is one of the few alternatives in place to make film pieces fully socially distanced while also engaging with the human form and not just fully falling into the realms of animation. At its heart, this video is a re-imagining of the story of Medusa, building from its mythology and offering an alternative and contemporary take on it. Tying together the real and surreal into an immersive and psychedelic look at modern isolation in uncertain times.”

18 | Ziemba | Power of Love

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ziemba — project of songwriter René Kladzyk — presents a new single/video Power of Love, off of her new album True Romantic, out Sept. 25. Power of Love is a study of the bombastic power ballad. Elongated synth gives way to her resounding voice as she sings about all-consuming love. “It’s funny how the meaning of a song can change long after it’s written. That happened for me with Power of Love,” said Kladzyk. “I originally wrote Power of Love in a moment of desperate anguish over a person who didn’t treat me very well, someone who is thankfully no longer in my life. But when I was mixing it with Don Godwin, I kept thinking about how excited I was for my Dad to hear it. Out of any song on the album, this one is the sort of high drama pop ballad that he loves. But then my Dad suddenly passed away this winter, and this ended up being one of the songs on the album that he never heard.”

19 | Daniela Andrade | K.L.F.G.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Daniela Andrade shares her new single K.L.F.G., the second to be lifted from her EP Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same, out Sept. 30. Briefly recapping, the new EP follows on from Daniela’s tipped 2019 self-released EP Tamale, which explored her Honduran heritage and the experience of trying to assimilate that with growing up in Canada — it simultaneously addressed her parent’s immigrant experience and the female empowerment which resonates in Latin American culture/Andrade’s family.”

20 | Crawford Mack | Firing Squad

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Intimately involved in all aspects of his art; Glaswegian singer-songwriter Crawford Mack is not just a composer and lyricist, but a video and art director, the whole focused on the perfect expression of his musical vision. Discussing the new music video, Crawford tells us: “I didn’t want to go for something obvious with a literal Firing Squad and soldiers because I think I’ve seen plenty of that in music videos before. Liam and I spent a long time over lockdown talking through what the song was about for me, until one day out of the blue, he came up with the idea of the astronaut walking past tableaus that are flashbacks of his life. The idea grew from there until we started to create our antagonist teacher character for the final face-off.”

21 | Lettuce | Silence is Golden

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Grammy-nominated funk-jazz-soul-hip-hop-psychedelic-jam-experimental titans Lettuce have issued the eye-catching official video for the instrumental track Silence Is Golden off their new album Resonate. The colorful, animated storybook visual was created by the team at Black Balloon Media (My Chemical Romance, Bebe Rexha, Neil Young, Josh Groban): director Brad Strickman, producer Shane Strickman and illustrator Carolyn Arcabascio. Images from the video will be transformed into coloring book pages for fans to enjoy.”

22 | LAL | Turn Water Into Blood

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto duo LAL (comprised of Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray) share Turn Water Into Blood, a new single off their upcoming LP, Meteors Could Come Down. “For years, we have been creating and supporting our community of dark magical beings and in turn we also have been supported spiritually and emotionally,” says Kazi. “We are auspicious: those of us who are dismissed and/or feared. The way we try to survive and have survived is through our chosen family. Turn Water Into Blood is the most rhythmic song on this album and it celebrates the world we have created together.”

23 | Tom King | Hiding Away

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tom King has revealed the warm new visual where we get the chance to join him in the passenger seat for a tranquil, thought provoking road journey as he takes us on a ride in his Mini Cooper for the day. Blending together the use of heart stopping vocals, smooth tones and beautifully placed guitar strings, Hiding Away shares both a captivating and empowering message of living fearlessly in your truth. With influences drawn from Adele and Sam Smith, Tom’s impeccable vocal performance in the new track highlights the effortless vocal range he carries, amplifying the message of the new single.”

24 | Romana | Melanin

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian-born, South Asian Toronto artist Romana expands global conversation through sound. Today, she unveils a stunning self-directed video for Melanin, sharing the journey a person of colour takes as they shed Eurocentric ideals of beauty, accepting the richness of who they really are. Written by Romana and produced by Jeia, the video was filmed in Ontario, Canada at Greig’s Cave on the Bruce Peninsula, and Balmy Beach in Toronto. “Growing up, I was made fun of by family and community for the ‘darkness’ of my skin — my own parents told me not to play in the sun! Shadeism or colourism is a form of anti-Blackness and a massive issue in the South Asian community and other communities of colour. Europeans asserted a colour-based hierarchy in the colonies they invaded centuries ago that to this day play a role in the skin discrimination people of colour face within their own communities,” Romana says. “This video is the counterpart to a song that celebrates me finally coming out from hiding in the shade I was thrown and unlearning Eurocentric ideals of beauty.”

25 | Andy Mineo | Shibuya Roll Call

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Syracuse-raised, Atlanta-based artist Andy Mineo released his latest single and video, Shibuya Roll Call feat. Wordsplayed, to announce a new EP Happy Thoughts, inspired by a trip to Japan with his Miner League crew. Discussing the single and video, Mineo states, “My buddy John and I visited the Shibuya ward in Tokyo, Japan and were inspired by the scenery. Finding a fresh take on the world is hard to do if you stay in the same spot, so we wanted to pay homage to the experience we had and put the city on my fans’ radar. Sharing things that inspire me is central to my brand, so I hope this song encourages people to find out more of what Japan has to offer.”

26 | Pup | Rot

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto’s punk powerhouse Pup announce a brilliant, forthcoming EP to get us through the craziest year of our lives. Entitled This Place Sucks Ass, the six song collection arrives Oct. 23. In addition to the previously released songs Anaphylaxis and a cover of Grandaddy’s beloved A.M. 180, the EP contains three songs from the Morbid Stuff sessions that have yet to see the light of day, as well as the blistering Rot, which was written and recorded this year.”

27 | WoR | Come Out And Play

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Raleigh groove-metal outfit WoR unleashed their debut album Prisoners on Aug. 7. On the full length, the band takes a grinding chainsaw with a pummeling battering ram to pulverize a heavy cover version of one of The Offspring’s most beloved tracks Come Out And Play, which the band is sharing today with a streaming visualizer below. The band comments: “We chose this iconic song for its energy, attitude, and lyrical message. We felt it spoke to the overall theme of our album, which discusses similar topics such as rebellion, anger, and rage. We were messing around at practice one day and were playing this song and felt that we could really inject some new life into it.”

28 | Georgia | Feel It (ft. Yung Baby Tate)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “UK electropop producer/drummer/singer Georgia released her second, critically acclaimed album Seeking Thrills in January 2020. Today Georgia shares a new version of Feel It, reworked by Toddla T, featuring additional vocals from Atlanta-based rapper Yung Baby Tate. On the rework, Georgia says, “It was wicked that Yung Baby Tate was up for putting her flavor on Feel It. She took it to the next level!”

29 | Horsewhip | Lowlands

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Florida hardcore/crust quartet Horsewhip — uniting members of Reversal Of Man, Combatwoundedveteran Early Grace, Order Of Importance, Sutek Conspiracy and more — will unload the sonic devastation of their second LP, Laid To Waste, which includes the track Lowlands. With the new single, vocalist Mike Grantham states, “Lowlands is the evasion of reality. The place where your existence and death can coexist.”

30 | Draag | Clube Da Esquina N°2

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fresh off the release of their Lansing (Vinyl Williams) and Loro (Pinback) covers, indie-shoegaze quintet Draag are back with another one from Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges, Clube Da Esquina N°2. This is the third release in a series to be shared by the L.A. band each week leading up to Oct. 9, when their Covers EP will drop. The project also features versions of songs by Deerhunter, Throbbing Gristle, Milton and Goon. When the band’s plans for a summer tour were cancelled due to COVID, the group “decided we’d use the time we’d spend on the road to make this EP instead, sending stems back and forth to each other. The choice of songs to cover was very stream of consciousness — instinctually chosen from a combination of Twitter recommendations and artists that expand the definition of music to us.”

31 | Action Bronson | Mongolia

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Action Bronson has unveiled Mongolia, the third preview of his new album Only For Dolphins, out next week. Mongolia jabs with a fuzzed-out Turkish funk riff and in just a single verse namechecks 16 Handles, David Caruso and The Mets (and kicks off with a quick The Wire sample for good measure). It also boasts the only featured guest MCs on the record, the brother duo, and Bronson’s close friends, Meyhem Lauren and hologram.”

32 | Maxwell Stern | Pull The Stars Down

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Maxwell Stern’s debut solo album Impossible Sum comes out Sept. 25, but you can hear new single Pull The Stars Down. “Brave the trains and meet me across town. We’ll go out spinning stories, trying to pull the stars down,” sings Stern in this song, the product of a lot of drunken reminiscing with old friends in new places. “I think it’s really easy to romanticize the past which can be kind of an unhealthy thing to do, to just kind of live in nostalgia-world and think that things aren’t ever going to be as good as they were. I think it’s ultimately about developing a healthy relationship with your memories but not letting them rule you.”

33 | Aerial East | Running Up That Hill

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Aerial East has shared her gorgeously exposed cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. With equal parts reverie and intention, her version of the classic track showcases the unvarnished intimacy East is able to create between herself and the listener. Running Up That Hill is a preview of her forthcoming album which will be out in 2021. East elaborates on the cover, saying: “One day when I was walking to the train thinking about the record I was making and its themes, I had the idea to cover Running Up That Hill. It just kind of hit me how relevant that song is to everything I was thinking and writing about.”

34 | Kneel | Watchful

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Portugal’s Kneel, the death-metal project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Pedro Mau, have just unleashed a new song from the forthcoming second album Ailment, due out on Oct. 16. Titled Watchful, this new track features the vocal contribution of Miguel Inglês of Equaleft. Mau comments: “We’re living in times that inconsequence leads us to appalling results and, eventually, to alienation (from ourselves; from one another). The accumulation of small problems in our lives can lead us, sooner or later, to situations that can get out of our control. I believe that the key to self-control and life balance is in the daily management of the subconscious mind, although it’s easier said than done.”

35 | JP Saxe | A Little Bit Yours

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Critically acclaimed rising singer-songwriter and musician JP Saxe releases a cinematic and powerful official music video for his emotionally stirring newest track A Little Bit Yours. The signature heart-wrenching ballad was co-written with and produced by Ryan Marrone and Benjamin Rice. Of the song, JP says: “The song is the feeling right before the end of the tunnel, right before life got a different kind of beautiful than I ever could have anticipated. I learned a lot about myself writing it, both musically and emotionally. I’d never really sung like this before, which was scary. Lyrical vulnerability I’ve gotten used to, but vocal vulnerability is new. If I could only ever play you one more new song, this is the one I would pick.”

36 | Professor & the Madman | Time Machine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Professor and the Madman share Time Machine, the debut video from the band’s forthcoming Séance album, out Nov. 13. Featuring veterans from both the U.S. and UK rock scenes, Professor and the Madman’s lineup includes vocalist/guitarist Alfie Agnew, vocalist-guitarist Sean Elliott, bassist Paul Gray and drummer Rat Scabies. Sung by Agnew, Time Machine is a psychedelicized stroll through cultural and political events of the last century. “Time Machine says a lot about how Sean and I feel about the state of affairs in the world — all the tumult — and it’s even more relevant now than when we were writing it a year ago,” says Agnew. “The song’s title works on a couple of levels. It ties in with the concept of revisiting our youth which is at the heart of the new album, and it also references the music of the 1960s-1980s which greatly influenced our new set of songs. Although I initially thought the main muse for Time Machine was Wings-era Paul McCartney, I quickly realized Brian Wilson was also in our heads. I guess you could say we were channeling Paul McWilson.”

37+38 | Tina Sparkle | Wasted Tired + Harvester

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rooted in the corn fields of Central Illinois, Marsha Satterfield was 14 when she joined her older brother’s rock band. While both would go on to play separately in local bands like The Forecast and Scouts Honor, the sibling partnership with drummer Atomic Satterfield continued with The Amazing Kill-o-watts and Tina Sparkle. Featuring Marsha on lead vocals and guitar, the Tina Sparkle trio of Marsha, Atomic, and Chris Anderson has maintained a loyal following among Midwestern music fans. Tina Sparkle’s new release Southern Hospitality feels like wandering into a familiar venue to experience a live, raw and gritty rock show.”

39 | Silk Tonic | Things You Said

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Two childhood friends that have been playing music together for as long as they can remember, Silk Tonic is an indie-pop band from the outskirts of Montreal composed of multi-instrumentalists Matthew Brouillet (vocals/drums) and Mark Hodges (guitar/bass). Their purpose is to share their love for music in the hopes that it will bring to others the same joy it brings them. During harder times, we always need something or someone to hold on to. Silk Tonic’s new single, Things You Said, follows the progression of the inner feelings that we have when facing adversity; helpless and alone at first, but with time, you start to notice everything and everyone around you.”

40 | Fischer King | Lost

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A. producer and composer Fischer King creates pitch-black alternative pop, with influences that range from James Blake and Nine Inch Nails to Claude Debussy and Herbie Hancock. His self-titled EP will be his first time stepping into the light with a personal, singular artistic vision.”

41 | Digawolf | The Broken Returns

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Yellowknife’s Digawolf shares the first single, The Broken Returns, from his forthcoming album set for release later this fall. Speaking on The Broken Returns, Diga explains, “This is a poem that I wrote a while ago, I forgot about it until we were under quarantine. It’s about where we are now, and how to move forward. When I was pairing the poetry with instrumentals, it came out a little longer than I expected. But, during these crazy times, people have time to listen to long songs, so we went with it! I just let myself keep going!… and I’m still going…. the rest of the album will also have a few epochs.”