Sonic Reducers | RIP Norm Macdonald

The Canadian comic has died at age 61. And we have something to say about that.

Some days, life isn’t all about music. Today is one of those days — chiefly due to the sad news that Canadian comic giant Norm Macdonald has died from cancer at age 61.

I never met Norm — at least not that I remember, and I’m pretty sure I would. Back in the day I did interview his former co-star Artie Lange, and I remember him talking about how Norm, a well-known gambler, would bet on basically anything and everything. I don’t recall any specifics, but I do remember that Artie clearly loved and appreciated Norm. As did everybody who ever watched him casually sit on a talk-show couch and tell some shaggy-dog story that split everyone’s sides. You can check out one of those clips below — and I’m sure you’ll see plenty more on tonight’s talk shows. But first, you can listen in as Eric Alper and I pay our respects to Norm, celebrate his life and career, and recall some of his finest moments from Saturday Night Live. Sonic Reducers. One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.