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Hippy Trap | Hippy Trap: Exclusive Album Premiere

The psychedelic hip-hop duo's joint debut takes you on an intoxicating trip.


Hippy Trap arrive in high style on their mindblowing, self-titled debut album — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A duo that puts the buzz in buzz band, Hippy Trap are shrouded in a thick cloud that smells illegal in some states. Some say these two are the illegitimate love children of Jerry Garcia. Others allege they are rejects from a top-secret CIA experiment that cured male pattern baldness with LSD.

Regardless of their origins, the duo behind Hippy Trap are Cozzee and Manna. They were first scraped from a gutter in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in late 2017 and have been rocking their unique brand of psychedelic trap music at shows up and down the West Coast, from music festivals to the outlaw village Slab City to the fabled Tourettes Without Regrets.

Their album Hippy Trap delivers four mood-altering singles along with ridiculous skits. Each dose explores themes of the modern hippy scene in San Francisco. But this isn’t a Kumbaya sound-healing journey — these track genre-jump throughout the hip-hop spectrum, from hard-partying bangers like Grownup Candy to mellow smoke-and-chill tracks like Nuggys. The album’s biggest hit so far, Poly, is catchy, upbeat and makes you wish you were in a cuddle puddle polyamory party.

Listen to the album below, watch the video for Grownup Candy above, and follow Hippy Trap on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.