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Volume Dealers | Six Loud Albums To Crank Up Right Now

Bug, Orc, Six Feet Tall, Nuvolascura and the rest of this week's noise merchants.

Some of them are metal. Some of them are punk. Some of them are noise. Some of them are their own thing. Some of them are serious. Some of them are seriously silly. Some of them are brand new. Some came out a little while back. But all of them need to be played at full blast. And they all caught my attention this week. Crank up these suckers until someone calls the cops:


Nunc Finis

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Global warming. Trump. Coronavirus. New normal. We are living in interesting times. It is one minute before midnight on the doomsday watch. Nunc Finis means end of time, end times or end now. And if you buy the ticket, you gonna take the ride. Nunc Finis is more or less a reminiscence to the good old days of classic noise rock. Stoic basslines and mathy drumming converge with guitar feedbacks and insane growling. The postmodern times we live in are confirmed by a mash up of upbeat, distortion, doom, death rock and our beloved 3/4 Walzer tact. File under brutal, gritty, tense, destructive, harsh noise rock onslaught, hard hitting, raging, guitar-driven noise, experimental meaty rock, for friends of the sick. Nunc Finis is all about Hass gegen Rechts, mercy killing, loss, heartache, darkness, pain and hate as a gift (Leftovers). QAnon dissects obscure far right conspiracy theories. Happy Pills deal with loneliness, depression, alienation and more hate. Remission Song is an ode to forgiveness and salvation in times of ethnic cleansing. Amadeus tells the tale of our fellow countryman (not Mozart) who gets Frühpension at age 40 and then works as a whore chauffeur – undertaker — privateer — etc. I shovel myself out of the shit.”


THE PRESS RELEASE: “A two-piece band featuring drums & bass, Orc blends progressive, hard rock, and alt-metal influences into a consistent, unique, and big sound. Following a Primus concert, Andy & Connor were inspired to experiment with merging progressive rock and experimental elements into a hard rock package. Orc is the result of that experiment: a two-piece band that sounds like a three piece, due to a unique dual-output bass rig.”

Six Feet Tall
Be Grave With Your Life

THE PRESS RELEASE:Six Fee Tall are based in Perugia, Italy, and made their debut in 2016 with a debut EP for UA Records. In 2019 they revamped the lineup, which now includes Michele Perla from Die Abete on guitar, Andrea Gentili and Federico Mazzoli from Northwoods, respectively on drums and on bass, Diego Coletti, singer of punk rockers Cayman the Animal, on guitar and vocals.”

As We Suffer From Memory And Imagination

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After releasing one of the most progressive and awe-inspiring records the last decade, California’s Nuvolascura are back with their second LP As We Suffer From Memory And Imagination and it’s everything you could ever want and more. Blistering, chaotic, technical, screamy and emotionally draining, these new 13 songs step up their game on every level. Mastered by Jack Shirley and art by Sean Leary. Released in Europe by our good friends at Dog Knights Productions.”

Battle Born
Battle Born

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Introducing Battle Born; a five-piece power metal band from Windhelm, Eastmarch. Join us as we set out to forge mighty steel, sing powerful hymns of war, and rid our homeland of the Imperial scourge.”

Carach Angren
Franckensteina Strataemontanus

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following the mythos of the “real” Dr. Frankenstein, Johann Conrad Dippel, who served as the inspiration for the famed novel by Mary Shelley, Carach Angren’s Franckensteina Strataemontanus delivers an bombastic symphonic cacophony of necromancy and mad science. Interwoven with haunting keyboards, majestic orchestrations, and a perfect balance of melodic brutality, the new album serves as the most theatrical offering from the horror metal masters to date.”