Murman Dazzle You With An Introduction To Billie Holiday

The London post-punks croon a love song to the American jazz and blues legend.

Murman want to know if you like Billie Holiday as much as they do on their new post-punk single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The second track from the U.K. band’s EP Dazzle, Billie Holiday is both a love song to the American jazz and blues legend — and a song that you might just fall head over heels for yourself. The track “commences with a mellower, introspective tone before escalating to a dramatic, operatic finale,” the band explain. As it jukes and jives around rock, and synth elements, crushing crescendos and playful lyrics, Billie Holiday has quickly become a fan favourite.

Murman are the quartet of David Murdoch, Domenico Corapi, Felix Paillette and Arion Petrovski. Together, they swig from the bottles of OGs like Joy Division and The Cure, mixed in with a cocktail of Foster the People and Arcade Fire. The result is both contemporary and a throwback to the days when the melodies and lyrics worked in tandem to catch and hold the listener. To top it off, Murman throw just enough nods to pop culture to create a soundscape that’s a 360° experience.

The bandmembers found each other via an ad and continue to make waves on London’s music scene. From Murdoch’s Zorro-esque mask and tassel-adorned shirt, Murman’s attention to detail starts in the chords and works its way to their showmanship. Maybe that’s why the group consistently sell out shows in some of the most legendary venues of London.

And it isn’t simply the fans that are stepping up and taking notice. Murman have collaborated with notable industry figures like The Cure’s David M. Allen, and Josh Hayward of The Horrors.

For Murman, the creation of Dazzle “proved to be an all-encompassing experience.” The album was recorded over two days in an East London studio, with the group (alongside Hayward) focused on “capturing the raw emotion and energy of each track.” As the journey weaves through the four-song strong EP, it’s that attention to detail that shines. The disc is a raw, and authentic invitation to the music and beauty of Murman.

The EP also includes Falling Down, Baptism and I Want to Dance Like Patrick Swayze; each another dazzling inclusion that solidifies Murman’s commitment to rock and roll and classic English indie-punk. Dazzle will leave you questioning whether the music sprung from the floorboards of a ship from an era past, or if it’s simply been here in the harbour all along. The answer is, it’s here now. What more do you need to know?

Check out Billie Holiday above, sample more from Murman below, and introduce yourself to them on their website and Instagram.