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Black Devil Disco Club | Lucifer Is a Flower

There's no Satanic majesty in this French electro disc. But it's still the devil's music.

God may have all the choirs and gospel singers, but Satan still has the best music. Look no further than the latest joints from Black Devil Disco Club (OK, it’s really a French electronica composer named Bernard Fevre, but whatever). These eight groovefests are wicked good. And it’s not like they’re full of Satanic verses or hellish vibes or anything. For the most part, they’re pretty upbeat and light, with four-on-the-floor beats, bleeping synths and funky guitars. But somehow, you still know this is the devil’s music. And that’s exactly how you like it.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Lucifer Is A Flower is the final album from the legendary Black Devil. His story is as deep and strange as the music itself. His first album Black Devil Disco Club is one of the most enigmatic electronic masterpieces ever made. So ahead of its time that no one could believe it was made in 1977 (released 1n 1978). Many thought it was a hoax and that the music was made by Aphex Twin or Luke Vibert but in 2006, the truth was finally revealed. Black Devil was the alter ego of Bernard Fevre, a French composer of electronic library music including the magnificent Strange World Of Bernard Fevre. Bernard grew up and worked in Paris, and it was the African clubs and rhythms that inspired him to make the Disco Club album. With only a small arsenal of electronic keyboards, a vocoder and looped conga drums he made music that transcends time. Fast forward to 2020 and the final Black Devil release. Lucifer Is A Flower is every bit as enigmatic, inventive and inspiring as its title suggests. A kaleidoscopic ride into the mind of a musical master. Beautifully packaged with design by Non Format that includes pictures of the devil as a young man, it’s a fitting tribute to a career that has spanned over 40 years of divine and diabolical genius.”